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It didn’t hurt for me until like three or four months in. But you should still take it. I ended up needing 5k worth of dental work because of it.


put some coconut oil


Did anything make it better or did it just fix itself randomly? How did you determine it was PTSD related?


Sorry for the million questions. Lol


I think after the pack I bought tonight, I’m going to quit cigs.

I have some fresh nicotine lozenges, so I think I’ll be okay.


Amitriptyline made it go away, but made my hallucinations worse. I actually had been surviving unmedicated prior to amitriptyline, and after taking it I got much worse, sz-wise. I determined it was ptsd because, after extensive therapy, I was able to get rid of the amitriptyline. The kava root tea made it go away, too. Gabapentin worked for a while, but I built up a tolerance quickly.


I now take nothing for the vomiting. It has mostly gone away, except during seriously high-stress situations.


I feel good. I finished all of my work! :muscle:

Now I can chill for a bit.


I took fluanxol today depot, Im thinking of starting injections instead of pills



I think my mosquito bite is infected :frowning:
Does my foot look infected? I’ve never had a bad reaction to a bug-bite before.


I was looking through my organiser diary which has just expired and it sent a rush of sadness through me that I kind of cried. Seeing the things I have been going through and being reminded of my worst psychotic days and the hospital.


I am so bored I might actually do something


did you scratch it?


Those difficult times can help you cope better in the future - try to see them as lessons. That’s how I try to view it anyway…


I might have… i try to scratch around them rather than on


I got my pre application from the Housing Authority. as I understand, this is the next step to receiving a housing voucher. So if the process goes through quickly and smoothly I could soon be looking for section 8 apartments in the area.

I have 23 years of paperwork proving my disability, including at least 5 hospitalizations, so I think it should.

Maybe in just a few months I’ll have some privacy and self respect.


Man my thumb is sore from hurting after stabbing myself. Change out wound today. God it’s going to hurt.


Whoo argument here this morning. I read most of the thread. It’ll be alright.chill


You can get some ‘After bite’ cream.