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My favorite beauty subscription just texted me on Instagram and asked for my email address!

I wonder what they will email about :smiley:


Having a mini-stroke right now!


That’s great news!


Are you seriously having a TIA?


No. I am so excited happy anxious!


Ok, just had to check, wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant. :slightly_smiling_face:


I noticed on my new guitar that the D and the A string are somewhat uneven when they meet on the bridge.

I don’t want to return it though, I don’t think it’s the bridge. Probably just the way it was stringed, or the strings themselves.

It still annoys me though. :confused:

ETA - I fixed it!! :smiley:


Congratulations!! :slight_smile:


@goldenrex Hi there! Are you doing okay?


Doing good!

Just about to head out to my pdoc appointment.

How are you enjoying the new guitar?



Oh, I love it haha. :blush:

The action is a little high on the upper frets, but it’s no biggy.

Sending you good vibes for your appointment. :v:


That sounds so exciting @mermaid1 !!!


Having such a need for excessive sleep makes me feel pretty useless. I could tell the antidepressant I was on was softening any depressive feelings I was feeling. Now I’m off them the feelings are more pronounced. I wouldn’t say I’m fully depressed but I definitely feel depressive symptoms


Yeah, that’s kind of the odd thing about anti-depressants. They do take the depression away for me, but a lot of times after I take my Celexa in the morning I feel rather “numb.”

I hope that makes sense.

Take care, :v: .


Yeah it definitely makes sense. I think my antidepressant numbed me a good bit because now I’m off it I feel more depressive feelings. I’m sure it’ll pass though


I can’t bead worry about getting blood on it well that’s okay for another day no crochet either


Godzilla laughing at me through the ceiling. Doesn’t matter I think everything’s out to get me…


I don’t know why, but my lips always seem to be chapped. I put on Carmex every night, and I apply lip balm throughout the day, but it doesn’t help. :persevere:


Sorry to hear that :frowning:
Maybe you need a different brand of lip balm?
Or something like coconut oil?


Jfk. I know politics is frowned upon here but…I mean damn. We can coexist. :smiling_imp: