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I have no idea why but somehow I want to try the art of clowning. It’s like an itch that needs to be scratched. Hey! That will be my name…Itcho.



Clowns are creepy af.


Was at my grandmas. Had a massive paranoia spike. I had to leave. I haven’t had any paranoia for 5 months. I mean. Wow. :rage:

@freakonaleash in a weird way I totally agree with you. I think my brain is just three sheets to the wind today.


As I was leaving visiting my dad, some dude yelled you’re gay towards me. I started laughing. And crying. I should have yelled you want to find out? I don’t think my bf would like that.


Well it’s a good thing you didn’t. Has the Latuda kick in yet?


Yeah latuda has kicked in. A few issues here and there. Working all the kinks out of meds.


Do y’all like the talking heads? Feel like listening to em


I do, especially ‘this must be the place’, it’s a very sweet song


I love the Talking Heads!

I have a couple of their cd’s. :slight_smile:


I have been thinking lately about insurance stuff and it stresses me out. I’ve been getting spoiled this year bc we met our full deductible for like the first time ever and get 100% coverage for literally everything. I don’t even pay copays or anything anymore and all my meds are free, even xyrem which is notoriously massively expensive. However, next year we will have another deductible to meet and we’ll be back in that stressful period where everything costs full price. I will 110% not be able to afford xyrem during that time period.

In addition, even if say my parents have the money to pay the deductible up front this time I will still be paying for a portion of all my meds like before. My meds have always been quite cheap. But I am very concerned as to what the xyrem will cost even if a large chunk of it is covered because the full price is nearly $10,000 a bottle (I know insane right) so even if I only have to pay 20% of that cost, that is still $2000 which I could NOT afford to pay every month. I did not think of this before starting xyrem I was only focused on this year and knew I’d be covered for everything. Even if I could afford to pay 2 grand a month for it I wouldn’t because it isn’t worth it with the effects I’ve been seeing so far. So this run with xyrem may be quite a short one despite the long fight it was to get on it :disappointed:

Then all THAT thinking made me realize that I am not a cheap person to insure to begin with. I am very on top of my health. I had to go through a lot of diagnostic testing for my narcolepsy and illness and it wasn’t cheap, or rather it was cheap for me but not for my insurance. I only get to be on my parents insurance for another year or so. With new policies about insurance companies not having to take people with preexisting conditions they’re going to take 1 look at me and my issues and meds and be like hell no. I have to be on my medications, some of them I’m a danger to myself without and some my functioning sucks without. If I can’t afford to pay them out of pocket and can’t get insurance then I’d be screwed. Has anyone ever dealt with this before?

Summary: worried once im booted off parents insurance I won’t be able to get my own insurance bc of preexisting conditions does anyone have experience with this


When I worked at the hospital those few months last year I had awesome private insurance. I don’t believe I ever was asked about my pre-existing conditions when I signed up for it.


Does your state have low income based insurance? I’ve had good luck with those in the past. I know your studying nursing but you may have to shop around for employers and ask that very question before accepting a position. Just my nine pence.

Also the current legislation has certain protections in place with regards to PEC. But our governments change frequently so take my advice with caution.


Quitting goddam soda. Aps and sugarad caffeine.its ■■■■■■■ my teeth up. Jfc


Is it possible to hallucinate that things are fine when really there’s something there? Does that make sense? I don’t know how to ask what I’m thinking.


Soda is definitely awful for teeth.


Pre existing conditions shouldn’t matter if you get insurance within the eligibility window from going off your current insurance.


I’m thinking I should change my tag. My ideas are:

  • Smart azz wizard
  • Nincompoop
  • Dat ole minx
  • Fruit of the Doom

Not sure though.



went and took in parts of Michigan and toured two more cities, Toledo and detroit. it was nice, it wasn’t what I was expecting to see. there are some affluent areas up around the lakes, boats worth more than our house. also bought a bag of fresh cherries, pretty good a little tart.

ive vowed in the future to limit my trips to 4 hour drives, I get worn out on the road.


A preexisting condition, as it used to exist, was only a condition you were diagnosed with within six months of getting the new insurance. It was meant to deter people from goin with no insurance, then signing up right after getting a serious illness. Since you’ve had all your conditions longer than six months, you’ll be fine.


I did a good thrift store haul today. I got on vinyl; Dean Martin, The Little Drummer Boy; Alabama; Polka; Gershwin. And most important I got a big tiger stuffie for bedtime. I haven’t decided what to name him yet though. I hope he’ll be happy with me. Hmm! Maybe I’ll name him Hobbes. :grin: