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I would NOT want to change that!


Awesome. I’m at my sister’s place right now. Waiting for my dad to pick me up. He went to get some XRays done of his knees. He’s getting older now. He turns 74 this year. Earlier today I went to the DMV to check on getting my driver’s license back. Turns out I have to wait for a form in the mail then have my psychiatrist fill it out. Luckily I had an appointment so I didn’t wait in line all day for them to tell me that.


Stylish hahah 15151


Most of the teas I drink are tisane, no caffeine in them.


That’s what I used to think, but even without caffeine they can still be diuretics.


Can someone explain to me the idea of airplane ■■■■■■■ following me again? I tested this ■■■■


Well I can take my meds in an hour and a half. I look forward to sleep


I had spinal injections late last week, and now I am having to give myself blood thinner shots while I wait for my warfarin to kick back in. My stomach is black and blue in places!


My last dietitian said it was mostly a myth that things like coffee/tea/soda don’t count toward daily water totals. She said yes they dehydrate you a little, but not nearly to the point that 90’s media made it seem. There are plenty of people that only drink soda or only drink tea that are fully hydrated. And if they dehydrate you that much that wouldn’t be possible.


reading about benzos and their effect on anxiety/long term side effects makes me so glad i was never prescribed one…dodged a bullet there lol
if i ever do get to be a psychiatrist that is the one class of drugs im staying away from


That looks like a “dust bunny” chicken. :smile:


@korieve Your post made me curious, so I read up on the effects of benzos on anxiety, sleep, and cognition, and holy cow are they nasty things. I started taking diazepam so long ago. At the time, I wanted meds because I was trying to get docs to prescribe me meds so I could abuse them and put myself to sleep. Mostly, I used pain meds, but I often combined meds. I stopped diazepam for a very short period of time before getting back on it. Since then, I’ve mostly stayed on it. It is always a temptation to me, though. Once I’m sure I won’t have any effects from getting off Vraylar, I want off of it. My pdoc and I have been trying to reduce my meds, so she will be fine with it.


It’s three am and time for bed. I so not used to this going to bed early waking up early routine.


very funny


Hey @reignoffire
how are you doing?
did you smoke?!!


Feeling kinda bored. I have music playing, so that’s something. Just sitting in the dark.


im watching the world series of poker. if i wasnt schizo i would probably go to casinos. i wish it was legal to play online poker.


cat has gotten comfortable in her new home and is bouncing around on the couch like a madman and slinging her toys around


Nope 6 days smoke free. Been drinking lots of water. My friend offered me some smokes but I said no


@korieve I love your kitty.

@Montezuma cool on the record pick up. Hope you enjoy.