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I’m having a good day so far. I went to Tijuana yesterday and ate some delicious tacos. They were about 9 pesos each. 1 dollar is roughly 20 pesos. Pretty awesome.


I had some sushi today. Took meds.

Going to go to bed in about an hour.


What up Thai-Food?!

This is Monte here, I changed my name haha.

That’s awesome you had a good day and that you got to eat some tacos. :mexico: :v:


Sushi yum. I had sushi last week.


I’ve never had sushi. I don’t like fish. I do eat at Red Lobster, though. They are the only place where I will eat popcorn shrimp- or any seafood. And I love their biscuits. Delicious!


Yeah man! I saw the name change. El beetle! Yeah I don’t trust every taqueria in Tijuana sometimes on the news there are reports of dog meat. It was mostly with a few Mexican Chinese restaurants but on occasion with the taco stands too. I went to a pretty good place though. It was called Taqueria Lorena. I’m not going to lie, I ate 8 tacos. In my defense they weren’t super big or anything.


They say you need at least 8 cups of water a day. Coffee and most teas dehydrate you.


My husband drinks soda.


Usually I go there with my dad on father’s day. The biscuits are delicious. They must have some secret ingredient like cheddar. Sushi tastes are a little acquired I think. It’s difficult to describe the taste.


update: the cat is obsessed with our couch. if i set her in her bed or on the floor she stays there for approximately 0.7 seconds before going back and climbing on the couch. shes currently playing with the blinds. i will give my life for her


Whoa, that’s loco about the dog meat homie.

Happy to hear you ate well though. I ate like a king today too. Haha.


They now sell the biscuit mix in the store. You do add cheddar to it. And unlike some places, their store mix tastes like their restaurant biscuits. Love it!


I’d feel horrible eating a dog. I mean I guess if I grew up knowing a cow I’d feel bad about eating it too. Chicken not so much. One of my childhood friends raised chickens.


That’s cool, I understand.

We had neighbors where I lived as a youngster in California that raised chickens too.

Their rooster would always wake up my stepdad. He would be sooo mad! LOL.


How has your day been so far beetle? I’ve been reading you’re getting back into the groove of guitar playing.


I want to raise chickens! I really want fresh eggs. Also, I want a fancy chicken just because.



Oh my day has been pretty well :slight_smile:

Went shopping for my sister’s birthday. Hung out at my mom’s for a little bit, ate some pizza.

I found this weird record at the thrift store, it’s like these 4 priests singing folk and worship music haha.

Pretty groovy.


have any of ya’ll seen chicken diapers? and a chicken wearing one? like so cute


What the what?! Chicken diapers???