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Is your motivation okay? I agree with splitting the dose works better but I just cannot take it in the morning. It seems I am my best at 120 mg.


Well, pop tart has been eaten and meds have been taken.

This morning was the pretrial hearing for the ■■■■■■ who pawned my stolen TVs last September. I didn’t go, wasn’t necessary for me to be there. ■■■■■■ never paid restitution, so he’ll be facing more serious charges, felonies rather than misdemeanors.


My motivation is better on Geodon than it ever was off it. I also take sarcosine, because it gives me that little extra boost to get things done.


Sorry he never paid you. That really sucks for both of you.


I can’t sleep during the day because it’s light out and I just suck at napping, but also I have to watch the kid.


Yeah, it definitely gave me palpitations. But, like I said, desperate times.


I took 2 mg Klonopin last night and it didn’t help with getting me any sleep. Didn’t really help with the creepy feelings either. :man_shrugging:


Oh that’s right I forgot you have a little one.


Do you take it every night? It’s possible you’ve gained tolerance.

I would say try weaning off and only take as needed, but if you need it every night like I did initially then you’ll just wind back in the same spot :disappointed:

I find that my paranoia tends to get way worse the less sleep I get, and if I get a good amount of sleep nightly I almost never get it anymore. It’s sort of a fire that fuels itself. What else have you tried for sleep?


I think we could benefit from being dumb and happy


No I only take it maybe once or twice a week. I only take it when I haven’t slept in a few days.


Ah that really sucks then. 2 mg is a sizeable dose of klonopin too.

So far the best thing I’ve tried for sleep has been low dose seroquel (50 mg). I was on it for months and didn’t gain tolerance & for me it has no side effects. To be honest it puts me to sleep better than xyrem does now and xyrem is basically a roofie. Other than that trazodone combined w Ativan is literally the only other thing that has knocked me out in the past, but since benzos don’t seem to help you I’m not sure that combo would be effective, and also it’s not as sustainable long term if you did wind up having to take it every night.

I hope you can find something to help you sleep soon :disappointed:


Yeah, Seroquel and trazodone don’t make me sleepy. Well, trazodone sort of makes me sleepy, but then I only sleep for about a half hour. Last time I was in the hospital they thought it was because I wasn’t sleeping so they gave me 5 doses of trazodone a night. I would sleep half an hour, 45 minutes, then get up and get another dose. Over and over all night long. It was miserable. I’d rather just not sleep.


I might go eat pizza in an hour


I’ve been talking to my case manager and given my symptoms she thinks the hospital is a good idea but she’s talking to the doctor. I’m surprised because I’ve felt a lot worse than this recently where maybe the hospital was a good idea but I don’t think I’m that bad now. Just a lot of hallucinations.


I think if you’re willing to mix 400 mg of Benadryl with klonopin when you have a heart condition, you’re in bad enough shape to go to the hospital.

Incidentally, do you have preferred pronouns other than she/her?


I actually prefer he/him. But it really doesn’t matter that much. I’m trying to get used to being stuck in the girl role because my husband would probably leave me if I ever transitioned. :man_shrugging:


I can relate to that. Mr. Star has a lot of good qualities, but he isn’t exactly bisexual.

You can be he/him on here if you’d like.


Looks like I am buying a house.


Was this planned? Or are you buying on a whim?