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Do your hallucinations ever wake you up?


A loud voice called my name and I woke up. It was louder in my ears. My father called me and I woke up in the morning asking him what was up? He said he didn’t called me lol. So yes I had this about one year ago


I felt someone grab my arm and wake me up. At first I thought it was my son again, but there was no laughing or talking. Just felt like someone squeeze my arm. Now I’m a bit afraid to try to go back to sleep. What if it was a warning of some sort?


Who is online on his/her PC or laptop? Am i the only one who noticed no advertisement about Sarcosine? Maybe it’s just my PC not working lol…


I am in so much pain.

Pdoc prescribed “start doing things”


I’m sneezing a lot, and my nose and eyes are itchy.
It seems to correlate with good, warm weather…

I think I have the allergeezes


Well they said my apartment is clear of bed bugs and there is a follow up treatment. We’ll see. In the mean time I have my own bug spray.


Why is it so hard to remember? I don’t know how was my first day when I was born, when I came to this world… I think i was smiling seeing many beautiful nurses out there lol


Because the part of your brain that stores long-term memories isn’t fully developed until you’re 3 or so.
And the brain tends to “delete” information it doesn’t deem useful.


But i was just kidding lol i forgot to say that


and when your 50 your brain starts to delete the useful stuff too, it’s scary lol


@TheBest . the weight loss log was closed. I’m down to 155, doing much better being active now that the winter is over, I think ill get down to 150 before july. How goes it?


@ninjastar Can you change my tagline to “I am Self-Defined” Pretty please with sugar on top? :rainbow: lol


I’m a nervous wreck.

This morning when I came home from my jog our heater was on,

I know, for a fact, that it was off when I left the house and the only way to turn it on is manually.

It freaked me out, I checked all over the house looking for some kind of intruder.

I’m still shaken up over it.

That, and I’m having guests next week and I’m not looking forward to it.

They’re my husband’s friends and they act like they still live in a frat house despite being 40.

I have plans to stay with a friend and just let the boys have the house, but I’m still worried about it.

THEN, I’m leaving town to see my family for a week the day the guests leave,

Leaving all the household/dog duties to my husband is just making me sick with anxiety.

Oy vey,

This is all just too much.


I thought your husband was more capable? You always said he was chill and can handle himself without letting the pressure get to him.


@anon1571434 I think @ninjastar demands a space dog or something for payment for the tagline edit. :slight_smile:


It’s like praying to a goddess or something lol

Give me a sign @ninjastar What is it you desire to get my wish fulfilled?


I’m in the mood for cupcakes!


Oh no you just missed the most delicious cupcakes I’ve EVER had. Cookies and cream with an oreo inside! I’ll see if I can find it on google or something!


YES! Here they are!