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I thought this was funny. Saw it on Facebook


I want something sweet. I’ve been avoiding sweets and it’s getting to me right now. Maybe I’ll have a glass of chocolate milk.


Dark chocolate is my snack for when I’m craving sweets but still want to be semi healthy. I get 70% or higher. It’s so freaking good.


Chocolate sounds so good. I haven’t had a chocolate bar since before we moved in January. I don’t even remember when, but I know it was before we moved. I should buy myself a chocolate bar.


I totally caved the other day for chocolate frosted donuts. I felt like a heffer after eating 3/4 of the bag in one sitting. :slight_smile:


I ordered myself a new phone and I just got the shipping notification that it should be delivered tomorrow!!! I’m so excited.


My hair has been falling out a lot more than the usual ‘shedding’ since starting latuda. Is it possible that this one side effect will slow down or stop?


I’m going to go live amongst the dead in the afterworld.


Hair falls out in cycles, and loosing up to 100 hairs a day is considered average.
It also has 3 phases it goes through, growing, dormant and falling out.
Meds and things like stress will cause your hair to “shed” more than usual, but it will generally replace itself as long as you eat right- get enough vitamins, and exercise - circulation helps the body stay healthy.


I tried to make strawberry milk but put in too many frozen strawberries and it came out tasting like a strawberry milkshake. #happyaccidents


my truths are being censored. :angry:


Thank you for your response.


This sounds ominous. You doing okay?


I just so needed my meds. Feeling bad. Glad it’s almost bed time. Sleep it off then two more days of work and I can fly back home to the Mrs.

Reevaluating this whole going back to work thing. It’s really tough but I am making it.


I don’t feel like I belong anywhere…


I had a pretty good day. I didn’t feel like going to teach earlier, really just didn’t feel like making the drive, but I did and it went fine.

I stopped at the pharmacy I worked at to pick up my magic mouthwash. My old boss was the pharmacist tonight, he and I shot the ■■■■ a little, good guy.

I’ve never had magic mouthwash, not so sure I really need it atm. I might try it out tonight, just to see what it’s like, but probably save the rest for if/when I need the numbing action of the lidocaine. Magic mouthwash is a mixture of equal volumes of liquid forms of nystatin, Benadryl and lidocaine.


Once again I misread another persons emotions and get my feelings hurt and look like a total fool. And to top it off I did something horrible to them without even trying because apparently I’m a monster. I wish I was dead


I am in so much emotional pain again. Why does nobody help me? I am so confused. How do I get help? I feel like I am better than everyone else. But I hate people who are high and mighty.

I guess I am fine. I just needed to say that. I am going to get some sleep and work out in the morning before appointment with pdoc.


was thinking of names for the homestead today. the best I could come up with was

rose and vine
homestead and luthier

when I first started thinking about starting a homestead I came up with this one

homestead anchors and wines

I liked it when I first came up with it, but I think its kind of dumb now. I’m leaning towards to rose and vine atm, unless something else occurs to me.

ill think of something to call the business, but mostly I’m just optimistic about being self employed.


So I pulled my telescope out and was gawking at Jupiter for a half hour. It’s a cute little planet. :slight_smile: