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Had a good day so far. I even slept great. But yesterday was killing me with voices and I had a touch of paranoia but all is well now.

I have no idea why but now I’m interested in gardening again. My landlady has some nice raised beds I could mess around with. She wouldn’t mind I don’t think. :slight_smile:


I paced back and forth in my apts parking lot. It helps to walk ease my mind.


Today I am struggling with the voices. I went shopping at Wal-mart and just got back. The voices were less then and are almost gone now, I hope they don’t come back as I have had a rough morning and mid afternoon.


You’re brave with going out. And dealing with the voices. I have to keep my eyes looking at stuff.


We both are brave. Just to get on this forum and reach out to others is a brave achievement.


True. I’m partial to quite a few people on here.


You can ask to be put on the cancelation list, so if an earlier slot opens up they can fit you in.


Explain that you’ll be losing insurance soon. They will probably be able to make an exception for you.


I’ll try. I’ll call there tomorrow morning to make the appointment, never did call back today.


I have chronic absess and lesions due to hidradenitis.


I’m sorry. What is the treatment for that?


i am into my third month of going from regular olanzapine to orally disintegrating olanzapine, there is no difference im still hungry all the time


There is no treatment, no cure.


New photo by Arturo The1

I like this car.

New photo by Arturo The1

And this one.

New photo by Arturo The1

And this.

New photo by Arturo The1
New photo by Arturo The1
My Dad once painted me one of these. This was the last version ever made by Dodge. It was beating records all over the world. And then Tesla blew it out of the water.


Oh, sorry. That really sucks. I hope they can find a way to help you manage your symptoms.


Omg y’all. I’m stunned. Baby LED just said brachiosaurus out of ■■■■■■■ nowhere! :astonished: She can barely even talk!


Man looking back to about 10-12 years old after living with my aunt & uncle (the one’s I was fixing their back room for) I realize how much my attitude has changed since then. I used to assume that everything that everyone said to me was nice and I had no anxiety or fear of judgement. Now that’s all I have. And that’s why I isolate so much perhaps. I just know that I’m feeling extra lonely after not being with them after one day. And I see the stuff AlexeiStukov posts about being positive and I just want to complain but I’m like “no. I’m not going to contribute to the bad vibes and turn the forum upside down with my negative vibes. I’m going to be positive like AlexeiStukov and do things to contribute to the amazing awesome happy moods.”

Think positive. Think positive. Think positive. Think positive.

I am thinking positive all the time.


If your talking the police, they most certainly can throw you in jail for failure to appear.
If you can’t produce any id with your name on it, they’ll take you in and fingerprint you to make sure you have no outstanding warrents.
I was arrested for failure to appear and taken to jail, but I had ID’d myself verbally three times, and placed my drivers’ license in the cops hand!
Then he proceded to beat the crap outta me, so We rolled on the ground fighting for almost 4 minutes.
What a dirtbag!


I am choosing to be inspired by love today.


Going to be hot out today, 30C and I have to work outside. Will be taking a lot of fluids with me