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Dying and being sucked into a black hole in a million years.

MAYBE before then we will travel to a place without a black hole nearby and be able to travel to other universe’s before the universe dies. That would be the ideal situation.


@anon1571434 The universe has been around before the formation of the Milky Way Galaxy which the solar system resides. I don’t believe that the universe can die but galaxies can merge with other galaxies. Humans are going to be stuck on this planet limited to the moon for eternity, generation after generation. As for black holes, I don’t know if they travel or are stationary in the galaxy.


Man I have all this money that I made from working with my Uncle but nothing to do with it and that’s kind of depressing. :frowning:


There is a black hole in the center of the milky way galaxy.

And due to the expansion of the universe, all things will eventually “die” as the universe fizzles out unable to make chemical reactions anymore. Black holes will fizzle out as well. So like a human, when all bodily functions end, they die. And when all the universe’s functions end, it dies.


@anon1571434 You’re right about a black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

As for the universe, it is just way to vast and expansive to know what the final outcome will be. Humans don’t even know what’s at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy let alone the trillions of galaxies in the universe. Humans though have a finite life expectancy and of course cease to exist but I don’t think this concept is applicable to the Universe.


I feel very sad and am crying. I am hiding in my room. I just want to disappear for tonight.


That’s true. I’m just repeating what I hear cosmologists say on youtube.


It’s mother’s day. You, your kids should be celebrating. Not crying & hiding.


Hanging out with my cousin’s today made me miss having people that I can enjoy myself with.


I’m right there with you. :heart::heart::heart::heart:️ Hope you were still able to enjoy your day for the most part.


Have you heard of Molly Bears? I got one for my son and I love it so much.


Why must I have this cursed lactose intolerance but also love cheese? :sob: I just wanted to have a quesadilla and some chips and not suffer for it.


i had a small bowl of chicken and dumplings, a pint of halo top ice cream (360 calories per pint), and a cereal bar, and i walked six miles in two hours in 90 degree weather, so im feeling pretty proud of myself today


Oh man. This is me all the time. I’m lactose intolerant, but it just gives me an upset stomach and lots of gas. I eat so much cheese still. I’m always regretting it, but never enough to stop. Lol


I just lie to myself that I’m totally fine until a few hours later when I feel like I’m actually dying in the bathroom. Then I ask myself why I do this, and then I tell myself it’s because cheese is just too damn good. I can have nondairy ice cream and nondairy milk, but I can’t do nondairy cheese.


I just want to express my sympathies for all the mothers who are struggling today.

@LED I hope you feel better soon. :v:


Thank you, Monte. Mother’s Day is always really hard for me ever since my son died. I try my best to just survive the day and ignore it. That’s why I haven’t really been online today.


I’m so sorry for your loss.

If I may, please accept my condolences and a (Hug).

I was just thinking about ya too, a few minutes before I saw you post.

Please take care of yourself, @LED.

I’m having some complicated grief that I’m struggling with. I’ll be okay though.



I could definitely use a hug today. I’m sorry you’re also having complicated emotions. My favorite saying about grief is “grief is just love with nowhere to go.”


Thanks @shenzhixian and @LED. I was happy this morning, but then things just got bad. Only one of my kids told me happy Mother’s Day, and I didn’t even get a card. I don’t really deserve one, though. I’m not a very good mom.