🎃 ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) Say anything XVIII ʕ ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°ʔ (ノ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ*:・゚✧


Crapinsky! So just got my blood work back and it says I’m possibly prediabetes at glucose of 107 but the A1C looked happy. Just something to watch I suppose.


Scared. Scared of the devil and the demons. Can’t get their threats out of my head. No sign from them but I’m so uneasy for some reason. They are always threatening that they will bring me to hell and force me to be one of the devil’s whores. But they can’t do that. It’s not allowed. Started dissociating as I typed that, crap. I will try to play some videogames to relax.


just got an email to my student account inviting me to apply to this program called psychology majors where i would get to be in a small cohort of students taking special classes and getting to work with researchers and getting invited to academic events, and im BARELY eligible (you have to be a psych major with a gpa of atleast 3.5, and an act of atleast 28. i had an act 28 and a gpa 3.6), but i hope i get accepted, ill already being doing science research because of another program i got accepted into but if i get accepted into this one ill get to do even more research which, in case i cant get into medical school (super real possibility), it would help a lot with possible applications to doctorate programs


OMG! There are a lot of messages with text and pictures on cigarette packs and I saw a picture of a guy in a coffin. That was awful to see it but I decided to quit


It’s 307AM and I’m still sitting here outside on my front porch hoping my husband will wake up and unlock the security latch to let me in.
The wind has picked up, the temperature has dropped drastically and it smells like rain is coming.
I’m freezing!


Omg I hope you’re in by now! I would be banging like a madman to wake him up.


I texted my friend and asked if he wanted to meet and have a chat about what happened, but he hasn’t replied.

I have some things I want to tell him, so if he doesn’t reply in a few hours, he’s getting a wall of text instead.


Finally got inside.
Not too happy either- it was 55degrees out and windy.
Saw the kitchen light had been turned off, so I knew he had gotten up.
Hope I didn’t wake the neighbors up, they hate me enough as it is.
Just looked at my 2 letters from the mail box.
Got another franchise tax board letter saying sonce I have a current cosmetology license (haven’t worked since 1998but send them $50 every other year to keep my license, otherwise I’d have to start from scratch as if I never had a license).
Last time in 2014 they said they figure I’m working and make $35k a year and am hiding it. Got a $840 penalty fine too.
What a hassle. Had to drive to Sacramento to straighten it out.
I think they’re just harrassing me.
Think I’m done here


More days of work leading up to comic con. Today I work. I even exercised before hand. Now I am ready for real life.


Is there any other place you can get you liscense from?


Today is my quit smoking ecig for good day.


There is a phrase used by the UN called “a common destiny for mankind” in Chinese it’s translated as “人类命运共同体”. So however each human on this planet may think, we all share a common destiny on this planet.


So anxious and depressed today. :frowning: Might have to do with the fact that I woke up at 2 am and wasn’t able to go back to sleep.


I’m feeling anxious too.

I woke up at around 3 am. I decided to down 4 cups of coffee because I didn’t want to miss a morning radio show.

Let’s hope we feel better soon!


My bf said bitch under his breath I don’t know if he was calling me that


the elimination diet is where it’s at for figuring out what foods you tolerate and what you don’t. I’ve cut out all grains because they cause excess mucous that I end up hocking up in the mornings. hopefully ill be able to tolerate the beans without any problems. we’ll see.


I think I am going to grab a pizza for lunch. Wash it down with a Pepsi. Nice and healthy


I could go for pizza and a pepsi


Followed it up with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Good stuff


Well I have one job done. My Aunt & Uncle’s backroom is filled with new tile, their wash room is redone, and I hung out with them on Mother’s Day since my Mom was basically my Aunts. And I chilled out with them and my cousins and their significant other’s. One of my cousin’s boyfriend challenged us to a basketball game and was talking all kinds of smack and had me switch out with my cousin (his girlfriend) because “I was bleeding from a single thorn from a rose bush” and he still lost.

But he had a little injury from the basketball and asked to nurse his wound with a bandaid while I just watched him lose while my stigmata hand was already healed.

But yeah he was still talking smack afterward and I told him “you can talk about it but you can’t actually play the game”. And I still heckled him for doing everything his girlfriend asked him to lol.