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It’s only 5pm and my dad is already too drunk to sit up straight and notice his hand was bleeding, so he got blood on my brother’s mattress. Ugh. I hate babysitting this prick.


It’s sad when a good meal goes wrong.


Wow. I’m really sorry you have to do that. Any update on your bf coming?


I’m feeling so bored and lonely right now. If my friend is home, I’m sure he’d gladly have me over, but it’s a bit of a drive, and I am so sick of driving. It takes about 45 minutes to get to his house from my apartment.


I’m sorry your feeling down,

I’d make the trip anyway.

If you’re like me you’ll spend all your time at home wishing you had just gone to your friend’s house,

You can listen to music on the way to pass the time.

It’ll be fun!


Agree ^^^. You should call him up. Better than waiting 5 hours and wishing you would have just gone.


I don’t know, don’t really feel like putting clothes on or anything, just seems like a pain in the ass right now. I’m just chillin naked, listening to music right now.

I’m not really feeling down, more bored than anything. Maybe I could play a movie on my computer; I have a few movies downloaded on here.


I would love to just be chillin naked in my house,

Too many big windows…

If you’re just bored, stay in and watch the movie,

It’ll keep you entertained.

I’m also planning just watching a movie on this Saturday night,

Or catching up on some shows.


No news yet. :frowning: The mostly likely job he could get he can’t apply for because Walmart has rules that you can’t reapply to work for them for 6 months after you’ve been fired, and it’s been less time than that. Since he only has a GED, there aren’t a lot of options around here.


We’ll keep ya company @freakonaleash!

What kind of movie are you thinking about watching?

I tried watching this movie on Amazon about an alcoholic. It was too depressing though, ha.


I don’t know if it’s my illness, but I’m really paranoid that some people are going to hurt me (like physically).

There’s A LOT of people in my apartment complex who don’t like me.

Idk. Maybe I have more allies than I think.

Either way the paranoia is really getting to me.

What do you all think I should do?


Most of what I have on my computer are comedies. My computer’s disc drive doesn’t work anymore, and since my tv’s and dvd players were stolen, this is what I’m left with. Oh well. I also have some tv shows on here, like South Park, Halfway Home (short-lived Comedy Central show, hilarious), Dave Chappelle. I’m trying to think of what else, too lazy to open the folder and look lol. I think I have a season of Kids in the Hall on here.


Haha. I prefer to watch comedies myself. Kids in the Hall is classic!


I think you should lock your doors and not worry about it anymore.

Even if some people in your complex don’t like you that doesn’t warrant some sort of physical harm,

Its just paranoia.

Take reasonable precautions ( like locking doors ) and keep distracted.


Yeah I hear ya @goldenrex.

It probably is my paranoia.

Thank you for the reply. :v:


if I can’t talk about beer. some others shouldn’t be able to talk about cigarettes all the time. this place is childish


Cigarettes don’t cause psychosis to get worse.


For the moment, I have gone with a movie, Super Troopers.


Something is going on on the base tonight. They have the roads blocked off and a stage set up and are doing sound checks. I don’t know what it’s for though.


One of my alters is very noisy today and I love them but I’m tired and it’s starting to bother me