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Ramen :ramen: is a Japanese noodle soup. And it comes with things like pork onions and eggs. it’s very good :yum:


I’ll be alright. He doesn’t get how bad the thought insertion and mind reading delusion really is. He kind of blows it off as silly. So it’s hard to get him to understand how bad that is, but I’m holding up alright. I think a lot of my problems recently have been exacerbated by hormones, so getting my period finally has helped take the edge off.


I’m sorry he doesn’t take it seriously :frowning: and yeah periods can do that so hopefully that can calm things down.

just know that we’re all here for you :heart:


Just got called a whore outside my window. That guy is after me who got fired even though the staff said no one is fired.


Well, it turns out I’m off work today, as well. I texted my boss a few minutes ago, asking him if he needs me 2-10 today, just to confirm it, and he texted back, “come 2 to 10 pm tomorrow.” Works for me.


On the one hand, I need money, could use the wages, but on the other hand I friggin hate that place, it stresses me out to no end, so I’ll gladly take it and stay home.

Maybe I can get laundry done this evening. I say evening, because I know the laundromat will be much slower on a Saturday night than it will be on a Saturday afternoon. I mean, who the hell wants to spend their Saturday night at a laundromat? Not many. I have a hard time dealing with that place when it’s busy, start freaking out and having to take deep breaths.

I hope my boss will be ok with me taking May 25 off for a concert, if I give him enough advanced notice. I will be aching for a day off by then, anyway.


I have to do laundry today too. But I think I am going to do it before lunch.


I avoid the laundromat as much as I can, haven’t done laundry in over a month. There have been a couple times in recent months that I just bought more socks and underwear so I wouldn’t have to go to the laundromat. I’m almost out of clean socks and underwear now, though.


I just had a muscle spasm and scratched the crap out of my leg. Ouch!


Ya I ran out of socks already. Had to buy some more. I only brought enough laundry to last me a week on my trip though so I have to do it every weekend.


I used to buy the cheap $5 shorts and $2 shirts from Walmart when I worked in a group home. Then, when I got pooped on, I could just throw it out and wear new clothes the next day.


I just bought the most disgusting breakfast burrito. Not going to eat this. Will just have juice.


Got the laundry done.

This book writing is a slow roll. I am 25 in the book now and I didn’t get sick until 38 so I have a way to go.

I am going to try and breeze through it but so much happened then that contributed to my illness and who I am today it’s hard not mentioning some things.

I am at 36 pages right now over 12,000 words according to Microsoft Word. I started with my most severe psychotic break so I am flashing back.


the invega is not vegan. I finally looked it up. it’s got some kind of lactose and maybe some other stuff. maybe this is why the voices are leaving me alone, I’m defiled and no longer a threat to them.


I tried to write an autobiography around 8 or 9 years ago, still have it on computer. I wrote an extensive outline, it was several pages long, then started doing the actual writing. I petered out after about 30 pages, lost interest. I didn’t even get to psychosis in the actual writing. I did it chronologically, and I made it as far as the beginning of med school. My first psychotic break wasn’t until spring of that academic year.


I’m on my way home now after hanging out with the friends I ran into yesterday.
It was super nice! :smile:

We watched strange cartoons and had lots of good talks. And I’ve hung out with guys so much, it felt kind of liberating being able to have girl talk for once :smiley:


I think I’m buzzing on a sugar high. We had so much sweets and soda, I can’t sit still!


Cici’s didn’t have cheesecake brownies today. What a letdown :expressionless:


I’ve decided to volunteer my time with a another animal organization because the last one I was with sort of hated on a girl with a medical disability. I got the chance to talk with her and I didn’t really see the issue. I thought she was good at her job. Anyhow, I’m hoping this place has better vibes and they accept me.

Crossing my fingers I get it!


I went to the Thai restaurant last night and they didn’t have sticky rice and mangoes. I was so disappointed.