🍀 Say Anything XLII


I think i’ll take my med now and try to sleep. I haven’t been forgetting, sometimes I take it earlier to try to sleep. I end up feeling a little more sedated when I do. It is 3:37 here so I should try to get some rest. Go Aston Villa! :slight_smile:


Still can’t sleep. Sometimes I feel bad that being psychotic fried my brain. I wonder if the loss in gray matter is part of the reason delusions sometimes remain.


I feel okay since I got a few hours of sleep. 4 hours til class. Don’t know what to do.


I just woke up, after getting a 8 hour sleep, and I feel pretty good.


good luck in school!


Every single time 🤦



Woke up early this morning. My sleep has been off lately. Taking longer to fall asleep, waking up a lot during the night and today I am up super early. Hope it’s not indicative of depression working its way back in on me. That, coupled with how I’ve been feeling lately, makes me think it is.


I hope it’s not @disciple, it also could be negative symptoms.


Yeah, that’s true. However, i’m sza bipolar type and I spend a lot of time in depression. Much more than mania. I will just have to see how it plays out. I take a mood stabilizer, Lamictal, that is good for depression. Maybe it will help me not to go too far over the edge this time. It helped bring me out last time I was depressed, so there’s that.


I’m really frustrated about my medicine situation. I agreed to let my friend have my card and control my economy because I found it overwhelming, but I’m out of meds and I’ve told him this, but he refuses to give me my card so I can get more. He said he’d do it for me, but he gets super pissy whenever I ask him about it, and he even told me that if I ask one more time, I’m not getting my meds at all.

I don’t think he realises how important it is to me to have my meds. And I just got out of the hospital too.

This situation really stresses my out. If he haven’t given me my meds by my birthday on tuesday, I’m going to tell him I won’t see him until I get them.

How long can one go without Invega?

Well, I’m at the library hanging out before class. Hopefully I have enough change for a soda.


My CPN told me that I should be getting a number for therapy at one of our last appointments. I think I might have to go at some point, although I am a bit nervous as I have never been before.


This guy doesn’t sound like much of a friend. What happens if he decides you don’t get your meds? You just don’t get them?


I guess 15151515


It is similar to my partner. I feel stable in my moods without meds. But she kind of force me to take them(meds). We genuinely share our possessions and finances. EVERYDAY is a challenge of trust.


That’s not a very healthy relationship. Is there any other way you could go about this? Is it a matter of not handling your money well? Is there anybody else who could help you?

Edit: I just read your other thread. I would definitely revoke this guy’s authority over you. He doesn’t seem like somebody who should be in charge of something as serious as your meds.


Sleep is scam


I came home early because I was falling asleep in class. I thought I had slept enough?? Body, you make no sense.


I have a huge pile of crap on my desk. Old mail, notebooks, all sorts of stuff. Last night i looked at it and decided i would deal with it today. Now i don’t feel like doing it though. Maybe tomorrow.


Well I’m back from going to the military ‘yard’ sale. Just bought a book about the Yamato and Musashi Japanese battleship and came with 3 posters for 20 euros. Saw an original RAF flying headgear for around 600. But I only had 350. Maybe later this year when they do it again I might go back there and buy it next time. It looked so dang cool too. Oh well. I’m working on my next uniform for my collection and twitch streaming. It’s gunna be WW2 Japanese pilot uniform/gear :grin:

Oh and also went to a bundeswehr (modern German army) museum. It was pretty big and only costed 3 Euros per person. It had naval guns, experimental tanks, Mig 21, and mig 23 and some other planes. So many guns and artillery guns. Was pretty cool. Was in Koblenz :grin: