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I just got my butt beat by this guy who kept rematching me, he was so good I couldn’t avoid his throws. So I started trying to throw him and we went into a throw-only match and I was learning how to spot dodge like he does to avoid my throws. Then he started doing aerials and I learned how to defend against that after he did nothing but that for the next match. I didn’t rage quit and he kept playing and it was the best training ever, even though there was no voice communication or text chat option.

After that I went on to win 4 consecutive 3-player matches where we all played as random characters (the guy who beat my butt had left by then). I got Link twice which helped but it still was a good night of gaming, I improved a lot learning to spot dodge throws and counter aerials from that first guy.

Also, I need a girlfriend haha! No point in dating when I’m about to move though.


I curl the courageous tail tip talking tide, and sail the outrageously backflipping stride to the thundering blameless forever sunshine! How about you?


Yeah, he liked one of my posts the other day.


I haven’t had a Valentine in years. A long time ago I got this one girl a ring and a necklace for Valentine’s day. She really liked them. Ah memories.


Oh well. I guess my dog will be my Valentine. I’m going to get him something. Maybe not chocolate though.


If you do get chocolate get special dog chocolate. Human chocolate is poisonous to dogs


Yeah. I meant it in good humor. I wasn’t aware there was special chocolate for dogs. I should look into that. Maybe I’ll just give him some chew toy like one of those dog bones he loves.


My dog loved those bones. He learned that every time we went to the supermarket he would get a bone.

I gave him the bone as soon as we got out the shop. He loved it


My dog likes to hide pieces of them in places where I usually lay down. Like between the blankets or on the couch. He’s funny, I think he tries to share with me. Sirens drive him crazy though he starts howling. That and coyote howls make him think he’s part of the pack. I’ve told him the coyotes would eat him. Still he howls with them. It’s funny coming from a pug.


My pnurse was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago. I wonder if she’s ditching me again.
It’s getting old. I need her help, and she keeps not showing up.

I feel selfish, I know she probably has other things to do. But when you promise you’l show up at 1, you better show up at 1 or let me know you’ll be late.


Yeah its a habit doctors do to show up at the last second


She just texted me, she’d got the time wrong and she’ll be here soon.


It has been raining all night. Thank goodness for the rain, just not when i’m outside.


Feeling pretty off.


Something troubling you in particular or is it just one of those days?


Just a bit bleh

Same of challenges everyone has in daily life. I get mad at myself for small problems throwing me way off course.


Nothing too serious then I hope. Some days are like that. Worry not Jimbobersonerificus, there are good days ahead of you i’m sure.


Lol! Thanks for the sentiment :hugs:


I’m glad you liked your new nickname. It sounds very distinguished in a redneck sort of way doesn’t it? :slight_smile:


Very distinguished - just like me! :wink: