(•ө•)(•ө•) Say anything! XL ❤



hello there I’m #1


Dangit! Second lol


I’ve always liked that song by Nellie. I am number 1.


Apparently farcry is still around. He like one of my posts.


I am really starting to think this illness is effectively “giving me the stupid.”

I sat here contemplating if 2 * (Num1 + Num2) is equal to (2 * Num1) + (2 * Num2) for a ■■■■■■■ hour.


I tried to solve the two doors one question riddle in my head for a long time when I encountered it in a Video Game, I couldn’t make the obvious connection. I figured out the right question to ask but opened the wrong door.


So does anyone have a valentine for tomorrow? :heart_eyes_cat: LOL.

I keep forgetting it’s valentines day tomorrow, I didn’t even know until my grandma told me.


I went on one date about 20 years ago, maybe I should call her see if she wants a 2nd date :rofl:


Cant grandma be your valentine?




I had a gf for a month, about seven to eight years ago. She hates my guts now.


See, those logic riddles are fine. It’s mathematical logic regarding computation that I’ve completely lost.


Why would anybody hate you?


Oh, it’s a long story why the lady hates me haha.

I apologize, I meant my last sentence to be a little humorous in it’s context. I think I frequently forget that my humor doesn’t always come across correctly on the web.


But one is the loneliest number…


I get in those moods where I’m like, “You know what I feel like right now? I want a dixie cup filled with some ‘juice’ and some kind of ‘snack’.”.

Everyone laughs usually, but I’m like… I’m serious…

And we can watch one of those old Disney movies…

Maybe I’m kind of reminiscing on daycare. Even though it wasn’t much fun at all.


it will be a humble gift of reeses chocolate cups for Angie’s valentines day present…all I have is four dollars and they sell four packs 2 for $3. yayyy…


I’m supposed to be going to bed, but I’m scared of more hallucinations.

I need to sleep, though, so I guess I’ll try and see what happens.

Goodnight everyone.


Goodnight. I hope you can get some sleep. :hugs: