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dad’s boat is a piece of junk. he’s got it tied off to a tree on the bank. I had to drive the truck with boat trailer while he took his boat from ramp to home. it pissed me off. I hate that he volunteers me for work because he’s got nobody to help him. now he’s going to want to put his dock in the water and he’ll ask me to help him again. I don’t know why it pisses me off so much. I decided im not going to ever have a boat.

anyways, dad’s boat is a piece of junk.


I’m still depressed as heck. But I do see the therapist in a few hours so maybe I can hash things out with her. I decided I’m going to be honest about my suicidal thinking. I don’t have a plan but this emotional pain is driving me up the wall.


I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin passing. :frowning:

My deepest condolences to you and your family.


Thanks, man.

How have you been this week?


You welcome.

I’ve been fairly well. I finally went up to the community college to take care of the VA paperwork in regards to dropping that class.

I was worried I would get in trouble because I waited a week to fill out the form, but I told them I dropped it last Monday, and they told me everything is kosher :slight_smile:

So that’s all a big relief.

Other than that just been jamming on the ol’ guitar.


Jeez, sorry for your loss. :confused:

Have you tried making a hot tea with honey? squeeze some lemon in it.


I bought some lifestyle books, a flamingo towel, some beauty products.

I tried on two dresses, each was 49$ Honestly I did not feel like they were worth that much. Zara quality is not very good. I tried a white top I loved a lot but it was 39$ and I have two similar in white. So I just left the shop.

I bought a retexturing and hydrating serum, I am excited to try.

It is so hot and humid today.


That’s a good idea.


Yesterday I left a message with an assistant at the human resource center about volunteering. Hopefully I hear back soon. If not I’ll call again next week. Might just be busy.


What’s up guys.

I will just go to bed shortly. Made some ginger tea after dinner.


Wish I can take some more pills to numb the pain of anxiety. I feel so restless and uncomfortable.

I will take some xanax.


I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so restless. I hope the Xanax helps.


It seemed it helped a little.


well its been 6 months. got another hearing with the judge tomorrow about my court ordered meds. been on them since feb. 2017 so 16-17 months now. I anticipate the same outcome. my case worker thinks it will be over with but I know better.

the judge is really starting to piss me off. he keeps saying things like “I feel continuing these hearings will be beneficial for mr. boogaloo” basically they just keep wasting my time and rescheduling every 6 months. these things wont end until im employed and refuse to skip work to attend one. either that, or I move out of their jurisdiction.


our air conditioner is not working well so its like 80 degrees in here…im dying


So I’m doing a tad better. I was just thinking that I need to actually start working towards a few goals.

  • Like getting a poem published. Cutting out the beer. Making wiser financial decisions. Pay down my debt.

The real kicker is that I’m more than capable to accomplish all of those things. I’m used to failure but if I actually succeed…now that scares the hell out of me.


Hi guys whats up…!! I just had my morning meal. I will rest for sometime soon…

I love my bed…!!!


Hi @far_cry0 I woke up and I dislike the heat. It’s too hot today :sun_with_face:


Its hot here too…!!! I dont like summer season…!!!

I will take shower today… have breakfast…!! And take shower…!!! Take care…


The nurses woke me up last night and made me take a pill I’d already taken. Now I’m super drowsy and just wanna get back in bed.
Uuugh but I shouldn’t