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My doctor just called me. He told me the meds cannot cause astigmatism. It’s not the meds.

I don’t believe him 100%


Is the interface nice?


Jeez hope you feel better.


I made a tea and got my vape working. I am not enjoying it as much as I thought I would.

It was supposed to give me a nicotine buzz. It is more like a gross taste


I cut myself a lot, part od the job, ragged edges to metal are gonna get you no matter what


I just bought mine, I use it a bit, hope i can make the switch


Which medicine are you taking?


Geodon and Cipralex.


after taking a like…two and half month break im trying to get myself back into the habit of studying so ill be prepared for college stuff. i feel like the online school program i used just didnt prepare me adequately for what im going to face in college and i refuse to fail at this


@Gratitude. There’s one just like yours currently listed on EBay


Feeling a little suicidal. I’m gonna lay down and try to sleep it off. I’m just a little angry at the world atm. If it doesn’t get better there may be a stay in my future. I may need to call my mum. But it’s 3:30 AM. I haven’t felt this way for over a year. I don’t know why. Well. I do actually. Being a sexual assault victim. It’s been on my mind.


WOWW thanks @moonbeam

my sister said she would help out


I’m sorry. It hits me at random times, too. I’ll have a series of good months, and think I’m totally cured of my ptsd, then a random triggering smell or sound will come along, and I suddenly hate myself again. The periods of hating myself are shorter and easier to recover from, though. So…progress?


Today is Weednesday pretty boring


I was late at my appointment because the train run late 1 hour and a half. (Preety comun in Romania). She still took me at 12pm and I told her that I was thinking of suicide for the last couple of days, I forgot to mention her that I took sleeping pils and it may be a side effect of it.

She increased my dose of rispen from 4mg to 6mg. And told me that recovery is a very long process and is different for every person.

Then she made me go because she had others appointments. This week I will go to another doctor to get a second opinion


My therapist asked me if I wanted to volunteer at the clinic.

They installed large desks with computers so patients who visit can check and find information from the internet if they wish. I can stay there and answer questions or help people who come.

What do you think guys?

My only prob is it is 1 hour away.


Tell them about this forum. Tell the other patients


■■■■ life x9001


We could be thousands and thousands online lol on this site… Imagine that :crazy_face:


This cold is kicking my ass.

I feel terrible and I’m dehydrated,

When will it end?

Additionally, one of my cousins died.

He was about my age, we went to school together.

I feel terrible because all I really want to know is how it happened.

He was young and healthy,

Its scary to me that he could have just died like that.