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I started vaping to quit smoking. Now I’m addicted to vaping instead :joy_cat:


I can’t lose anymore weight, im stuck at 150 pounds. it’s been 3 weeks now at 1000 calories a day and intermittent fasting and I haven’t lost a pound. i’m not reducing calories anymore.

I guess ill have to be content at 150.


same thing happened with me. My weight just got stuck and not going down from 158.
I think I look fine. I think I looked better before.

Either way, I feel fine.


It seems since I quit Wellbutrin, I am a bit more carefree in drinking and eating.
I ate chips today which never used to happen. I snacked on potato chips twice and I had some alcohol on the weekend, after another. Which is very unlike me.

I will watch myself for a week, if I see I am out of control, I will go back on Wellbutrin.

I don’t have appetite but I just feel bored I guess.

I also smoked some Shisha with some friends.


whats shisha? is that like grass or something


Hookah with nicotine. Some people put weed in it.


Honestly a part of me is telling me to get my vape out.


lol…I learned to blow smoke rings on a hookah. college days


Ugggh I gotta go to the college today to fill out paperwork.

I’m feeling so anxious.

Can you all please send me good vibes, thank you. :v:

  • Monte


I smoked hookah on Halloween! Was fun. My friend wanted to buy a hookah and I said let’s try it at the store first and we only did it once. That kid is so impulsive he wanted to drop $100 before ever trying the stuff


Sending you good vibes, homie.


I know how to make smoke rings too. Good old days.

Everything which feels good is bad. I cannot smoke again, after one year of quitting, I will stink, it is bad for health, my teeth look yellow it’s gross.

But it gives a nice buzz :joy: Especially that one cigarette after a very long time.


Oh no !!!

Sending you lots of positive vibes. :sparkles:


This was passed down in my family. My mom said I could sell it and keep the money because she thought I was only worth $50 at most. When I listed it on craigslist people were offering $500. But I didn’t sell it for some reason. I felt bad taking all that money. Maybe I’ll ask my sister to try to sell it with me And will split the money


Good vibes for you! :slight_smile:


Check prices online on eBay.

It is probably a lot more than 500$ It’s Coca Cola collectible. This is probably very rare and it looks like it’s in good condition.

Find the model number on the back and check pricing online.
After that add 300$ on it and place it on Craigslist. When people bargain, sell it for 150$ less.


My support worker just came. She referred me to

Seems like a good site.



I cut my arm today at work, the blood, the horror :weary::sob: Ok so it was just a small cut but still :stuck_out_tongue:


They just added Coco to Netflix. It’s a good movie to not really need to pay attention to or think about. It’s cute.


Oh, man,

Coco makes me cry…