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How’s it going, @Lost? I’m just chillin with my cat on my lap, listening to music.


What’s up @Lost?

How have ya been?

@freakonaleash Hi to you also! Sorry to read that you didn’t get the hospital job.


Hey @Montezuma, how are you? How’s Jimmy?

Yeah, I’m bummed about the hospital job, didn’t even get an on-site interview, but not much I can do about it. Just have to apply for other jobs.


Yeah, it sounds like you’re in decent spirits about it. I’m sure something better will probably come a long. :slight_smile:

Jimmy and I are well. I had a guitar lesson today. It went really well. My teacher told me I’m sounding very good. I think he can tell that I’ve been practicing a lot lately.

I had some bad anxiety after the lesson though. Not sure why. Maybe I’m just not used to getting out and socializing with people?


Yeah, could be, but it’s good for you to get out and socialize.


I am angry with my neurologist’s. I called them asking some questions about my meds and they said they’d call me back and several hours passed and they didn’t so I called them again and asked to make an appointment so I could just come in person in case they didn’t get back to me. They assured me they’d get back to me so I could then cancel my appointment which is early in the morning for me and takes up time. They never got back to me. Like dang how hard is it to find a quality neurologist. I’m tired of this. I’m going to be pissed if I don’t get my modafinil refilled because my functioning off it is garbage.


Maybe the moderators should get that 5 letter word to be bleeped out!!! It would really trump all the political posts :v:️:grin::laughing::laughing:


I need to eat breakfast so I can take my meds, but food sounds gross. I don’t even want fruit and toast and that’s usually my go to on days like this.


This post was ghostwritten by Ninjastar


I suspect it’s because it’s just too early. I don’t usually eat until closer to 7 or 8. It’s only 5. But my head is killing me, so I was hoping to eat early.


Tell your head that it’s 8:00 where I live. Close enough.


I am so bored I might actually do something.


Can you drink something, like yoghurt or a smoothie?


I finally had some toast. It tasted way better than it sounded.


Well that’s good :slight_smile:


Yeah I told her both about volunteering and the dizziness. I think she thinks the volunteering is a good idea and she wants me to see my doctor about the dizziness and disorientation.

Strange it happened today and as I got my blood sugar up a little the BP went down to close to normal.


decided to cut out the weight lifting. just going to stretch, run, and do bodyweight exercises. should free up more time for me


I have a full blown cold,

Probs from flying last week.

Its miserable,

Even worse, there’s no one home to feel sorry for me…



Oh no :see_no_evil:

I can feel as sorry for you as you wish!

The world is a dark place sometimes full of bacteria. Having a cold is awful. Sending you lots of positive vibes. Make some tea and relax. Snuggle your pets and take the day off. You deserve it!


I’m doing better today. Was in a small depressive funk for a few days.

@goldenrex sending healing energy your way. :slight_smile: