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I had a dream I was mad af because all I wanted was Chinese food and it was taking forever to get to my order. I’d go take a break to wait for them to cook fresh spicy shrimp and then I’d come back to a line. lol


Chinese food sounds delicious. My sister is going to make congee later this week. I’m excited.


Since having my sister here I feel like I constantly have to be “on” and it’s draining me. She wants me to go do all these things and I don’t know how to tell her I’m too scared without having her judge me for it or think I’m just lazy.


I made a pizza (although not from scratch) for my brother and I to share. Managed to cook it perfectly! :blush: I was very pleased.


I’m thinking I should eat something now too. Not sure if I’m being lazy or my appetite took a nosedive again.


It’s funny. I like my neighbor kids and their mom said they totally adore me. I was telling the seven year old yesterday about my adventures in space. He asked what’s it like? I said its very dark. :slight_smile:
Kids. Ya gotta love em.


im going to smoke. it’s been a year since my last cigarette. I seem to get cravings every 6months or so.

people here will talk about cigarettes and ill want one.

gonna go pick up a pack. smoke it and be done for the year.

last year I didn’t smoke the whole pack I threw it away halfway full.


I’m going to go nap on the couch, NO talking bad things about me while I’m gone !!!


It’s my bedtime and Shania hasn’t even hit the stage yet


I should take my meds soon and get to bed. I have to be ready to go to the urologist tomorrow. For some reason I want to stay up longer. I don’t know what it is.


thinking about all the friends I let slip out of my life these last 8 years. time flies, if I can find a healthy way to spend my next 8 years I might be able to salvage my life into something else.


So I feel spoiled now. My neighbors brought me left overs from their party yesterday. Some awesome salads. It’s interesting. These folks seem genuine. I mean they truly do try with people. I feel grateful. I feel a better sense of self worth. :slight_smile:


I just took my night meds (Paxil, Haldol), going to get into bed soon. I had a decent day, unproductive, but decent. I didn’t go anywhere; I had thoughts of the laundromat, grocery shopping, and my friend’s house, but I just didn’t feel like driving anywhere. So I chilled at home with my animals.


3 feet from shania Twain


I need to sleep, but I’m having a hard time. I think maybe I should take more haldol, but I already took an extra dose this afternoon. But I’m feeling a bit homicidal. Not that I would ever actually do anything. But I’m having urges. I hate this. It’s like I’m the reason people think horrible things about schizophrenics. Because of people like me.


Craziness is in my head today :crazy_face:


Love shania twain …!!! Whats up @TomCat…!!!


@anon51414962 whats up man… why are u going crazy today…!!! Did u missed ur dose…!!! Haha just joking…!! Btw i just had mango the king of fruit…!!

Hey @anon51414962 there is protest going on romania

Against the government… is their any election going to be held in any time sooner…!!!

Tell me…!!!

@Andrey do u know…!!!


@far_cry0 this is political, I can’t talk :warning:
And btw now I’m learning an online course. Wish me luck


Good luck man…!!!

Which subject are u learning…!!! Accounts…!!!