👾 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Say anything XIX ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)


Ah, cool! I miss blackened hot dogs and could go for some steaks.


My partner got vegan burger for me. :yum::yum:

I brought tabbuleh and snacks and coffee


So, I ate a big-ass burrito, had another cup of coffee, now I’m listening to classic rock. Right now it’s on Jimi Hendrix, “manic depression,” or whatever this song is called.


I would find each tasty but for having Celiac disease.


I’m thinking about maybe trying Methotrexate for my Psoriasis once I see my dermatologist again. It’s one of very few oral meds for my psoriasis that my insurance will pay for without a huge fuss.

If I volunteer or work I’m not going to have 15-20 minutes twice a day to waste applying the topical meds. They’re fine if you only have lesions in one or two isolated areas but I get them in many areas. It gets old spending the time and mental energy.(the larger the area you have lesions, the more effort and time to apply them)

But Methotrexate can cause depression. It’s apparently %0.1 but I don’t know how this will pan out for someone with Bipolar disorder as part of Sza.


It’s concert day. Haven’t been to a concert in about 2 years. I usually go to bed about 9 pm. This is going to be painful but I will do it.

Have to drive back home from New Orleans after the show.


My internet is goddamn slow…!!!


■■■■ it can cause liver damage especially for people with diabetes


Sorry, @far_cry0


I cant even play you tube…!!!


Who are you seeing?


Some browsers have extensions that allow you to download youtube videos. Maybe you could watch some that way. I’m thinking it would be a long wait for them to download possibly.


Hello @anon73425833 !

I also sleep a lot, and my quality of sleep is low.
That, even though I exercise intensely every day and my aerobic fitness is rather good,

and on good days very good. And my muscle strength is also all right.

I woke up rather early today feeling crap and for several hours(maybe 2-2.5 hours) I felt bad and sat on the sofa doing nothing, I wasn’t even able to use the computer.
Eventually I was able to get several more hours of sleep and then I felt OK, the way I usually feel when I wake
So it’s quite possible that you NEED these sleep hours and I strongly advise you NOT to wake up artificially
and accept your body’s limitations.


Shania Twain. I like her but I haven’t heard the new music. Going for the old stuff


went out yesterday and stopped in a storefront for coffee. on the way out I was looking over local brochures they had at the door and one of my old friends was on one of the brochures for wedding photography along with his bride. that’s how I learned he was married now.

I really dropped off the map. we we’re good friends from 3rd grade til college, don’t know if I got invited to the wedding or not. I turned off my phone and didn’t see anybody for years. not sure when he got married. anyways life marches on…

I wished I’d have never broke it off with my last girlfriend. she couldn’t have kids and I wanted one. that’s not why I broke up with her though…she was a raging alcoholic. now she’s vet assistant or something. o well…life marches on


i guess she kind of broke up with me back. she initiated a conversation a year later or so…and during the conversation i asked her if she wanted to move across the country with me to Washington state. pretty serious. anyways she responded with a quick, “no”. lol. i always forget about that part of the story.


we only had sex once. i got off like 5 times and i didn’t pull out. this was like when i was 25-26, i was really immature at that point. i wasn’t ready for kids at that point and i asked her to get a morning after…i feel terrible about it now. anyways she said “i did the right thing”, which i later took to mean she didn’t get it…big relief.

she told me she couldn’t have kids before we had sex, but i didn’t believe her. i think my immaturity ruined the chance of us getting back together. that’s probably what she wanted to talk about, but she never said anything about it after i asked her to go west with me.


I think I’m slowly starting to feel a little better,

Thanks for asking!

Having the weekend to kind of reset has made a big difference.


That’s good! You’re very welcome. Hopefully having the weekend for R@R and to sleep any time you want is helping.


Feeling a depression coming on. I over did it yesterday with the neighbor boy’s birthday party I think. Not doing anything physical but I’m not used to such stimulation. :frowning: