👾 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Say anything XIX ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)


Not yet. :frowning: Forgot to ask my brother about it.


So I found out the guy I’m making a website still wants it, he has just been busy. Yay, I’m happy


Why would being hospitalized be such a bad thing? You’d be able to get help and meds adjusted.

Plus, if you don’t tell your therapist, they can’t help you properly.
I worry for you.


My phone is running a little slower on internet :snail:


Ok here’s something funny: My father asked me how to delete previous watched sites on his TV( on internet) It was porn sites and quite many :smile: It was so embarrassing for me :flushed:


I don’t think She’s that hot


Everybody watches porn


Are you stalking/harassing me @anon73425833 ? It’s not funny lol


I feel guilty because I sleept too much today, how do I stop the guilt ?


Why are you saying that @anon51414962 ? You’re my friend


Because I’m paranoid but you seem to watch me or my posts. Please stop it


Sorry if you feel that way. I was on the say anything thread and saw your posts. If you want I won’t reply to your post anymore


Stay strong, friend. Really feel for you. Purged today for the first time in a while. Feel awful about it too. Am here if you need to talk/need support.


At least that means theres still a possibility it can help more than what you’ve tried so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope your allergies aren’t too bad in the mean time.


@Montezuma how’s the guitar stuff going? I recently read the section on Descartes in “The Story of Philosophy” In the next few weeks I should get Aristotle’s “The Nichomachean Ethics” on audiobook off hold from the local online library. Maybe after that something by Hobbes.

@mermaid1 and @goldenrex ae you feeling any better?


Good morning @TheNicestFreak!

Guitar practice is going really well. So far I’ve memorized about 3 new scales, the ‘C’ major and minor, and a blues 1 octave scale.

I have a lesson tomorrow that I’m really looking forward to.

That’s rad you’re really digging philosophy. I own a small paperback of “the Story of Philosophy.”

How is your music going? Have you recorded anything new lately?


  • Monte


I have most of the instrumental side done for my latest track, but I want to end it with something close to straight singing, if I can get my voice to do what I want. But I’m getting over a sore throat. The air quality around here has been pretty bad but I can talk normally most of the time now and sing a little, so I should be able to try that soon, Still a bit raspy though.

That’s cool that you are improving your guitar skills. I always wondered how you get to the sharps and flats on a guitar.


I just came to know that WhatsApp is blocked in China for almost 1 year, according to a netizen from China.

As far as he can remember, no GFW (great firewall) during Beijing Olympics 2008. They do not have access to many Western popular sites including


I woke up about an hour ago, had my coffee, walked my pooch, now I’m thinking about having something to eat. I need to work up the motivation to go to the laundromat.



I’m fine! Tired! Had people over yesterday for bbq :meat_on_bone: and now on the way to a picnic.