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I love the doors and grateful dead. The only two American band bumper stickers I have on my car. Ripple is one of my favorites by Grateful Dead and Scarlet begonias. The doors I like love street and people are strange


So after 7 years on SSDI I got my first review form today. I’m not worried. I have miles and miles of notes from pdocs and therapists. :slight_smile:


Went cruising with the top down. It’s hot outside today. Now to soak up some AC


Guys, our pupper may be super sick. :frowning: I’m worried about her. Hope she just ate too much and made herself sick. That’s better than parvo, which is the most likely problem.


I had a puppy that got parvo once,

Cost a fortune to get him fixed up.

I’d get the puppy to a vet as soon as possible.


Yeah, that’s why I’m concerned. We don’t have the money offhand to do an expensive treatment. All we can afford is medicine from the store and hope that that works.


My Dads best friend just died. He is pretty upset.

He was just at my house like 2 or 3 days ago and seemed fine.


I hope your dad is able to find some peace eventually. Deaths are hard in their own right, but sudden and unexpected deaths are a special kind of heartbreaking.


This mocha pudding I’m eating right now is quite tasty, but I really need to look up a recipe for rice pudding. I love rice pudding, and I know it’s dirt cheap to make. I’m guessing it’s milk, rice, sugar, maybe some vanilla, maybe cornstarch, top that ■■■■ with some cinnamon and call it good. I’ll see.


Rice pudding can get oddly complicated and easy to screw up.

I’ve made this recipe several times,

Its much simpler and delicious.


Thanks, @goldenrex, I’ll have to try this one!


the blues and bbq was a little hit and miss. the music was interrupted by a couple rainstorms…only saw 2 bands. the first was jammin, the second was a little to improvisational for my taste. we left early, but it was good to get out of the house.

not many people there and not much food actually. they weren’t selling bbq they were having a contest…like a cookoff…anyways mom bought a hot dog.


am going to be trying some cbd strains, used to like cbd vape juice but it is too expensive and not doses high enough so i will be trying cbd flower, the strain i looked at is 11% cbd and all the strains have barely any thc at all like under 0.3%


the inside of my mouth is raw and bits of skin are peeling off. i cannot stop thinking about food. ive purged 3 or 4 separate times today. i dont know what to do. im scared to tell my therapist in fears that ill be hospitalized or something, im scared its going to start affecting my health. i dont know what to do anymore


also, the boy i really liked who ■■■■■■ me up last month messages me today after two weeks of not talking to me saying hes sorry and doesnt know whats wrong w him and how he wants to know why he turned me away because he doesnt even know and im like


Flowers smell nice. You can’t change that. :slight_smile:


Have you tried Zyrtec? It’s available in generic.


I did 46 minutes of stationary cycling and some stretching earlier, and watched some of the last few episodes of S07 of Game of Thrones.

Just took some Seroquel, Cetirizine, and Lithium. Time to wind down.


I made a baked rice pudding one time that was super super simple and so delicious. I love rice pudding.


The kid is still sick. It’s so sad to watch her not feel good. I’m exhausted from not getting any sleep because she’s not sleeping well.

I’ve not been in a good mood lately. I’m beginning to wonder if all these bad days are actually because I’m depressed. I can’t tell. I don’t feel depressed, but last time I was clinically depressed I was suicidal for ten years, so it’s sort of hard to tell. Like, compared to that I’m fine. But I’m definitely not fine.