👾 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Say anything XIX ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)


ewwww, I hate feet :stuck_out_tongue:


ooooh walmart opens at 7am, woohoo, I can get my groceries and stuff and be home early, before all the mad shoppers get out there, go me!!!


Good morning party people!!!


Having coffee :coffee:


I went shopping at 7 am, no one was there hardly, really nice, I got new hats, jeans, undies and some groceries


I woke up to groceries in the house. It’s like Christmas. :smile: I wonder if my brother is expecting to entertain friends, though. There are 4 bags of chips and stuff to make queso and larger pizzas than we usually buy.


a lot of alone time lately. my folks have been doing a lot of travelling these last 2 months. today they’re in northern Indiana looking at houses. they were gone for about 10 days in may. and they leave next week for Idaho for a couple weeks

I’m getting used to being alone now. at first it was a little traumatic.


I love my alone time. So peaceful


I have to wear my glasses for 3 weeks. Not used to it


I’m in for a Pizza :pizza:


Going fishing with a few friends.


I fell asleep at 2pm and woke up 7pm.
Wonder if I’ll be able to sleep tonight


Don’t sleep. It’s saturday :smile:


I bought spicy :hot_pepper: dorritos


What did the doctor say about the blurry vision?


It’s crazy because today my vision feels fine. We did lots of tests and it could be from meds.

My right eye showed astigmatism


I need adult supervision. I massively over poured my cereal, and I’m fussy because it got too soggy in the milk. This is like the opposite of that Spy Fox game I played as a kid.


…I miss my old sidewalks that took me everywhere. I got to move.


I’m watching a Danish comedy show while waiting for a movie to start. I should be painting, but I don’t feel motivated.


Oh man i fell in love :heart_eyes: