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Yeah, @g

I f or get his name.

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Let’s see! Folks if you’re African or African American or African Australian or whatever and you feel comfortable shout out !!! Please

Btw I’m basically European and Native American ethnically


I ran out of my focus pills today… for Amazon japan was out of stock… so didn’t buy them hope I can function without them.


mom’s making dinner tonight, turkey sausage, cabbage, and potatoes. we eat at 4pm or so. free food can’t beat it, but it’s not vegetarian obviously. im thinking in the future i will give up my ideas of vegetarian, and become pescatarian again. with a tuna melt each day.


This is how I have been feeling… blah


Morning peeps
Just been laughing about mr bubz hating the lemons so much lol.

So i made a short vid of me telling my gf im making steel cut oats for breakfast but I HATE steel cut oats! :joy:

One thing i love to do is make stupid video clips lol


I’m black @Loke


Lol he sounds like Smeagol


Haha yeah hes somethin else i tell ya :joy::joy:


won $2 bucks in the lottery tuesday, so i cashed it in and bought another ticket for friday, 750million jackpot. so far i’ve bought about 100 lottery tickets over the years, and only matched one number twice. haha. i will quit playing when someone hits the jackpot, but i feel invested into it for now, my resolution is to not waste money and it certainly is a waste of money, but it’s only $4 bucks a week.


Changed my mind so I edited

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One day i was making a bunch of short clips of me talking to my snake plant in a british voice
The snake plant name is alfred. And i am his butler.

So id say “hello alfred would you like a drink of water?”

Alfred replys in angry british tone “what makes you think i want a drink of water you ■■■■■■■ prick. Get out of my sight!”

My friends thought the scenes were really funny and i should put them on tiktok lol

I did ones where alfred would grab me by the neck and yell at me lol


That’s $208 a year. I keep trying to rationalize cable tv but it’s just too expensive. Even sling tv is like $30 + taxes


Work is rough today…

Ended up telling one of the girls I was super anxious…

She was pretty chill about it.

No way in hell is the SZ label coming out though.


Hope work goes better soon. Try not to overshare about mental health at work. Sometimes people are not understanding as we would like them to be


Ah, sadly this is very true.

Thanks for the well wishes!


I remember once i was doing some contract construction and the one boss said to me and pointed at this worker “careful about that guy over there, hes bipolar hes crazy!!”
I just smiled and said ‘you got it ill be careful’
Meanwhile im thinking he has no idea how crazy i am lol


Freaking rat totalled my work shed. Sonomabich.

Big hole in the side apparently. It’s a wonder a rat didn’t come in earlier.


Well if you’re vegetarian and you must eat meat then turkey or deer meat is the way to go!!!


I’m colouring my hair a brighter red in February.

I might post a selfie in selfie thread when I do.
Show youzzzz.:slightly_smiling_face:

I made flying Jacob yesterday for my boyfriend who is coming tomorrow.
Just heat in microwave for him.

Flying Jacob is chicken , bacon , banana , cream , sweet chilli sauce, peanuts served with rice.

Hope he likes it.

It’s a popular dish in Sweden.

Next week I’m sending a message to my x in sa to say g’day .
He is my favourite man.
He snobs me a bit though but I’m forever his fan.

It’s all so new with my new boyfriend.
So far so good but he told me I have to share him with Mrs Palmer.

Meaning he masturbates and watches porn.
He likes men and women.

My x in sa stopped watching porn when he met me.
Appreciate that.

Guess I’ve got to accept my new guy watches porn and masturbates.

Also he is very poor.
Because he spends his food money on cigarettes.
He is malnourished and eats no fruit or vegetables and often has just spaghetti for dinner and nothing else at all whole day.

I got him in with a food pantry I think we’re he can get cheaper food but he works part time the days. They are open.

I slept well last night with out sleeping :zzz: tablets.:partying_face::metal:t5: