Say Anything XCIX 🤪

Well it’s time!

What do you have to say?


:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Heya everyone! (15)


Gooooooood morning peeps! :sunny:

Hope ya day is epicnesssssss today!

:palm_tree: :star_struck: :tiger:


Good morning everyone. Been awake since about 530am. Warm fire and some tea, my forum and some news.

Heading down the hill later. Should be home before the big sportsball game. I hope both teams have fun and score many goalpoints. Go sports!

Fiancées birthday today. I got her a giant box of different flavored macaroons. Hope she likes the tasty treats.

Symptoms seem ok. Nothing worth fussing over.

Wishing the tribe a good day! Be safe.



Day 3 without beer or wine. Yesterday was perfect. A bit difficult today. Didn’t sleep at all last night and can’t take a nap. Really bad insomnia probably cause my body is used to a little alcohol.

Luckily i cant drink because im on antabus, but i hope i can sleep tonight, otherwise i have to call my pdoc.


Just fed the rabbits and the pig. It’s cold outside y’all !!


The heavy snow has missed us here :frowning:

Shame. If it’s gotta be cold I want some of the white stuff!

I wanted my parents dog to see snow for the first time, but it was just light dust that did not settle.


It is effing cold here, 12 F (-11 C), with a windchill of 0 F (-18 C). A little too cold for my liking, but at least there is nowhere I need to go today.


up for another day, 41 days until spring :sun_behind_rain_cloud:

not much to do today, my biggestt decision is what i will be eating for the super bowl? not sure yet, will drive to the grocery soon and take a look around. i haven’t bought groceries for over a month, i’ve been living off gas station food, subway, and mom’s cooking this last month.

i think chiefs win big today is my predictiion.

its the coldest day of the winter so far 16 degrees fahrenheit, but it doesn’t feel too bad with a coat on, it’s sunny and no wind. the wind is what makes it feel cold and when it’s overcast. things warm up from here i hope. january on average is our coldest month, and december and february are about the same with a daily high average of 44 degrees.

my nephew made the game winning 3 point shot in his basketball game last night. dad said it was the only shot he took all game, he was in there for ball handling dad said, but was open and took the shot and knocked it down. it was also his birthday yesterday, so good day for him.

im just waiting for mom and dad to get home from church now, ive been up a couple hours now.


Heya kiddos! :wink:

I’ve been up for about a couple hours. Last night I cleaned out Jimmy’s litter box after slacking on it for a couple days.

It’s cold as hell here today! I’ll probably make a quick run to the grocery store though to get snacks and something to eat tonight.

Hope you all are well. :hugs:


Hey Monte, how are you feeling today?


Hi bud! I’m really happy for you that your new job is going well. :slight_smile:

I’m doing good though! A Carhartt beanie I ordered is out for delivery, so that’s rad.

Jimmy gave me a lot of lovins this morning. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How are you feeling today?


Hi there.

I didn’t sleep the best last night and woke up to Oliver barking his head off.

It’s below zero outside but I am hoping my car will start as I need to go to the store real quick later.

Mood wise I feel just okay.

Kitties are good.

Hope y’all are well.



Thanks, yeah, that’s cool. I used to wear a Carhartt coat; I’ve had a couple of them, a black one and a blue one.

I’m feeling quite good, will watch the game with my bud tonight; he got home from his work trip yesterday. Yeah, the job is going very well, has me excited. I like the work and the managers and coworkers, so it’s all good.

Also, I’m excited that in maybe a month and a half or two months I’ll be able to get my own place. Even if we get the $1400 stimulus payment I still need a month’s worth of pay stubs when I apply for an apartment.


Yeah man, Carhartt makes quality stuff! I own a couple baseball caps by them. Love em.

Have fun watching the game with your bud.

And congrats on finally being able to get your own place! That’s great man. And you have a kitty now, too. :slight_smile:


Fun fact: my doc sang on The Voice of finland lmao


oh lol that’s nice =)


how far did your doc get to?


I don’t know sorry