Say Anything XCIX 😽

Yes sir! I just a put a hold on it. :smiley:

I gotta charge up my tablet. Chat with you gals and pals later.



For the past 3 days I’ve been helping my dad tear the old roof off of one of his rooms and put a new roof on it. For the past two days my sister has had dinner ready when I got home. Holy crap that’s a nice thing to do especially cos I’m bone tired. I’m like 100 pounds overweight. Physical labor is hard on me.


Its good for loosing weight.


Truman Show Syndrome seems really real for me, too. @GirlOnTV says the same about her delusion/syndrome.


I’m sure it is. By the time I get home from my dad’s house I can’t walk I’m so tired.

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Stupid country!
not even vapingjuice is legal to buy online!
Jobs are hard to get!
Everything is expensive!
And im not going in to which country!

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i dont know why im alive. everything i think is good about life must just be a delusion. everything i think im good at really i find i am always below average. i dont want to feel like this anymore. tired of the nonstop suffering the second i get to finally have peace before i know it i am back to feeling terrible

nothing worse than being mildly suicidal but also afraid to die and paranoid of being killed.

Sorry things are rough right now, @cigarino.

Are you still on the zoloft?


Gooooooood morning peeps! :sunny:

Hope ya day is excellenttttt today!

:palm_tree: :star_struck: :tiger:


Good morning peeps!

Cool day ahead, loving it, loving it!

Having peanut butter toast n milk for breakfast, yum!

Hope all are doing fine!

Rock on all you dudes and dudettes!


So on the one site for freelance web design work, a lot of the lesser jobs are $100+ for around 10 hrs of work.

Doesn’t sound bad. Better than minimum wage.

But until the internet gets fixed here I can’t check to see if my JavaScript server stuff works. I can’t even let the software check for errors in my code, I think.

I bought a logo creator. Kinda cool. I prefer paid apps and games because I don’t get bled dry from in app purchases.

For some reason my mobile devices mostly work fine.

Talked to the director/care supervisor here about it. She said she’ll try to get IT people here. She gets schiznit done. In a good way.


I’d be doing work now for freelance web design but I have to go to groups 9-12 3x a week.

Plus the internet here is none too stable.
Even if I thought standard entry level jobs are something I could get, they aren’t likely to be that charitable and tolerant with my hours.


Mornin’ to you all.


Good morning, y’all. Or afternoon or night, whatever it is in your neck of the woods.

I woke up less than an hour ago, feeling well rested. I’ve had my coffee, still easing into my day. There are things I really should get done today. At the very least I should do a load of laundry, need more clean socks and shirts, especially.

Anyway, I hope y’all are feeling okay today.


Sweet, just checked my bank’s web site, and my direct deposit for 50 hours of pay went into my checking, such a relief to have some money in there, though most of it is already spoken for (bills).


Just woke up from the most bittersweet dream… I was being allowed to do my senior year in high school over again. I was younger and slimmer and people from my old job were there saying that they were all contributing to a fund so I could have a second chance at life, to recover from my illness. It all seemed so real, and I felt great. Then of course I woke up and it all went away. Was a nice dream while it lasted.


Silly chonky boiii :dog:


no i threw it out after having an episode of rage and not wanting to go through what i went through on geodon again because it felt similar

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Was it giving you extra symptoms?

Do you think the rage was from the zoloft?