Say anything W is for WNBA

I wasn’t a simpleton as a child because I spoke three languages at age four but I seem to have become a simpleton nowadays or adult me.

I sent lingerie pictures to a romance scammer I thought was my boyfriend and did other stupid stuff like video sex with x many years ago .

Also I can’t seem to learn German despite that it was my first language I just can’t seem to relearn it.
Been studying for over six months and only know a few words.

Also I’m ridiculously naive and sweet to everyone which might contribute to me getting bullied n disrespected and walked all over as niceness is seen as weakness but it takes strength to suffer as much as I e suffered and survive and still be gentle and kind.
Maybe it’s my morals and nature to be nice n so.

I nolonger know any maths I once knew not even basics and I just seem simple and “dumb”.

I wish I was smarter.

Then again maybe I was stupid as a child too because I played chess with my father once and he asked “are you really that stupid “ .i never played chess again.

I may have an incredibly low iq.

Also I buy coffee for someone I think is friend and they never get me one back .always one reality I have no friends.

I asked a neighbour with cancer and schizophrenia if I can buy him a coffee and he said no he was chatting with his friend.
He didn’t value or appreciate me asking.
Thought it’s nice thing to do specially for someone with cancer.
Might unfriend him on facebook if he doesn’t value or appreciate me as a neighbour n friend.
It was one sided.
I bought him lunch once and i enjoyed having lunch with him but he never once did anything for me.
He has no money because he took a mortgage on his house to pay a romance scammer $250000 engagement ring.


Sometimes your posts make me sad. You deserve better treatment than what you’ve gotten throughout your life, especially where your dad is concerned. ■■■■ what he says.


I’m bummed because my picky brother turned his nose up at my popper puffs. Everyone else who tried them loved them though!

Here’s how they looked:


I doubt that.

The problem is that we live in a world full of egotistical narcissists that take advantage of people who are nice. I used to do it too. I used to take people before myself and I was always the sorry loser. Just because I was nice.

Your father was kinda harsh on you. Calling you things and behaving like that, I think he had his own issues.

You seem to be very hard on yourself. I speak three languages fluently but I’m not interested in learning a new language even if it might seem to be a good idea, I just get bored. I’m not like Jonathan2 who seem to be very disciplined in studying by himself.

My friend got blackmailed after he sent a girl naked pictures of him. She told him she would send the pictures to everyone he knew on Facebook. He paid her 2500£ not to. This is what happens online.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I used to be my own bully because that was all I had learned. I’m currently working on my self esteem and confidence. I downloaded some books and I listen to audio books on the subject.


Wow they look great! :smiley:

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Haha thanks for the support, I got the recipe online and was tired of making poppers where the whole dang pepper was intact, it seemed like too much pepper in one bite, this is a similar thing but with them chopped up and the batter is mixed with the cheese, so you don’t have difficulty of keeping a coating stuck on while frying. They have cream cheese and bacon also.


True dude sounds like a smart idea :bulb:


92.5 the river and hickup water and pistachios. lamp on. couch and table. pleassnt music. smoking area. dark out. cats drinking from faucet.

well it looks like im applying for a job at goodwill. thrift shop store. worked there when i was 18. miss those days.


Tomorrow they’re cutting part of my toenail out and cauterizing it so I won’t get anymore ingrown painful toenail problems in the future.


Hey homie! :wave:

I just got through doing a load of laundry. Got 6 shirts hang drying on my shower rod.

The goddamn fire alarm is going off now.



Right on about the shirts, seems you often get those alarms going off in your building. Is it people burning food or something?


Haha! Yeah, about 99.9% of the time it’s just some dumbass burning food on the stovetop.

Sometimes these old people will put something in the oven too, and fall asleep and forget about it.

This is the second alarm we’ve had today. The fire department is probably going to kill us all. :sweat_smile:


@SacredNeigh7 you are a dear soul…always caring for ppl and animals…and I saw your pic once of you in black shiny leather boots and you looked great…don’t let ppl yank away your peace of mind…ppl will suck you dry.


It’s the first night on 10 mg of clozapine. I woke up at 4 am and am feeling good.

Can’t wait to be without it.


I didn’t take my paxil yesterday and today I’m depressed. I’m thinking about my illness and situation. I feel sad.

I wish I could move but it’s impossible to get an apartment cause I’m unemployed.

Neighbors are talking sh-it about me and say I’m a nutcase.

I am also tired of my sleep disorder. Tired of being up all night, sleeping during the day. I wish I had a normal sleep schedule. I also sleep too much.

There’s so much I’m missing out on because of my sleep.

O and anxiety! Let’s not forget about that. It’s really messing me up.

All these things I mention are keeping me from living the life I want.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I’ll take my meds and forget about my life.


What are your reasons for stopping?


One step at a time.

And you can only focus on what you can control like exercise etc.

You can improve your health!


Because clozapine sedates and is bad for my heart.


I hear you. Im stopping my AP too. Its literally killing me physically.


I’ll still be on the max dose of Invega.

It’s too early for me to try to totally quit APs.

But I have less side effects from Invega.