Say Anything V is for Velociraptor

I use Duck Duck Go on computer.


It is amazing that after so much practice time a song just clicks and it is nearly…well I see much improvement.

One more practice then I am thinking putting on the Stooges for an hour or so.

Need to get up around 7:30 tomorrow then be at the cabin at nine.


I’ve really been getting into Trial by Media. It’s a documentary series on Netflix about certain court cases that were influenced by the media.


I’ve been up since 4:30 am. It’s 7 am now.

I start volunteering at 1:30 pm so still plenty of time.


Good morning folks!
Little short on the money for next month already.
My little sister was supposed to call me but didn’t.
Still haven’t got the official okay from the landlord.
He said he was going to be gone for two days which turned into eight so far.
Folks have you heard about the new disease…Monkey pox!


I think I’m going to quit volunteering. After 7 months I’m done with it.


I have so much joint pain, I’mabout to scream.
Every day, my neck and fingers get stiffer and stiffer.
When I get home from my vacation I’m booking an appointment with a rheumatologist.


Good morning y’all :blush:.

It’s 6 am, coffee should be almost ready.

I get my assistant back today, so that will be nice, makes my job much easier.


Today is my dad’s birthday, RIP. He would’ve been 78.


Hi folks.

Got a solid six hours of sleep. No issues.

Dad and I have a small job this morning. No biggie.

Saw two kitties. :heart_eyes_cat:

Looking forward to pickin the banjo later.

May have something coming in the mail today. Some fishing stuff.

Take care youse.



It could be the APs too.

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well the vegetable planter was well watered yesterday. should be good. finfing comfort in my new pipe. got a mentak gealth worker coming by in a half hour. hopefully we go fir a drive down the coast.

it for today.

just thought about the time when i was 17 that a redneck with a confederate flag took a chainsaw to my basement couch and he and the punks dragged it out to the marsh to be burned. my father came home saw the fire and kicked everyone out for the night.

funny thats what my life was like.

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Morning all. Been up since before 5:00am.

Woke up cold and wet, broke a sweat during my thrashing. Dreams of badness, thoughts still lingering. I’m still scared of what’s to pass, Or at least the prophetic voices say is happening.

Feeling doomed, feeling like I’m powerless to stop this invisible but unstoppable force. Politics are corrupt, faiths lie for greed, and peoples base setting is morally unjustifiable.

I want to rest, and I don’t know if anyone understands what that means. “Wake up”. If only I could.



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that reminds me of the indeginous elder whos book im reading. he ssys that people have no faith in religious or political institutions.

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They’re so cute at this age.

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@LED makes those too. She’s really good at it. Hey. Post a pic when finished please


Oohhh awesome! If you have any issues, let me know. They’re super fun.


went to goodwill with my mother.

how nice.

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I’m so impressed with the turtles!

You guys have a gift!

No way I could make that kind of stuff.