🗯⁉:one::two: Say Anything the Twelfth :one::two:🗣📣


Oh no. @roxanna. Breathing problems are the worst. Can’t remember, sorry. Do you have asthma?


No I can’t smoke period but I took a toke earlier and so it goes. But coffee helps

Off of evapor that is


Why do I have to have all these diseases?


Waiting to have my scale delivered today so I can measure the correct amount of Sodium Benzoate.


I’m such a freakshow


Anyone use a VPN? Thinking about buying one because of the safety and security of it. Too many hackers these days.


Absolutely disgusted with people on POF. I’m thinking of deleting my profile. So many fake and nasty accounts on there.


My iPhone SE is working again after 5 days of it not working!!! I had to let it discharge for one full day and then plug it back in and charge it and the other days it just glitched to a white screen or black screen. Now today it worked!!! Yeyyy :grin: :grinning:


I love my SE. who needs a giant screen eh?


Haha I know right. Mine unfortunately likes to very randomly shut off and not turn back on until the next day where it’s somehow completely discharged and when I plug It in it charges and finally works but lately I’ve had the issue of it not wanting to turn back on and go to the white screen or black screen of death lol. It’s a good phone, just wish it would stop glitching every now and then. Yeah who the heck needs big screens!!!


We went to IKEA early this morning. Got there at 9:15 and the parking lot was already half full. Then we realized they didn’t even open until 10:00! What the hell were all those people doing there an hour early?!?!

We left and ran some other errands and came back at 10:03 and the parking lot was super packed. It was insane. People are insane. Why?!? I mean, I guess we’re no better, we were there, too. But still.


man that sucks, i haven’t had many problems with mine, just an occasional freezeup. and yeah i like being able to hold it with one hand its just the right size


My ex gf is following me around the gym now. I’m hiding in the locker room.


Why not break the stalemate and talk to her?


Look at the cute coat hanger we found for baby LED!


I really hope after I get accommodations I will be able to keep this job and do ok. I’m very worried over my work situation but on the bright side this morning we had to send my dad up tantalus drive. I didn’t snap a picture but it looks a little like this: image
It made my day a little better and I sat through 3 hours straight of programming class. Tonight I will download more music for work tomorrow and see if the job gets better.
P.s. I can’t wait to get a car. I want to come up here at night with my friend and turn the music up real loud and do some sketching or have a picnic!


Is anyone watching the Olympics?

I’m watching the biathlon. This is a sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Okay.


I was watching the men’s freestyle skating.


Biathlon is like my favorite winter Olympic game!!! :slight_smile:


Pidocmight be right. I mightvhave ptsd.