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Yeah, I am, and I told him I am because I’m tired of him not being responsible anyway


Are you on hormonal or copper IUD? How long ago was your last period?


Hormonal, so it was almost 2 years ago now that I had the last period, that’s why I’m super concerned. I can’t use my cycle to track at all.


I agree with LED, those symptoms could be from a lot of other things.

And I’ve been anxious about health problems often too. Back when I was sexually active, I was pregnancy tested more than once, to put it that way.

I found that once I “decide” it’s one ailment, I start fixating on it so much that I feel symptoms where there are none, and I forget to think of other reasons for them.

Weight gain, frequent urination, nausea when the bloodsugar is low (mornings), fatigue, those things might as well be due to diabetes, hormonal or metabolic issues, or a million other things.
I hope you get to see a doctor soon.

And… I know it’s none of my business, but your ex doesn’t sound like a healthy person to be around. If I were in your shoes, I would feel like he didn’t respect me enough to take me seriously.


Yeah, I’m known as a hypochondriac in my family, so I’ll center around a problem and obsessively check myself for symptoms if enough fit. :frowning: I gotta stop doing that and just go see a doctor instead of looking things up. But y’all are right, it could just be my thyroid being out again!

You’re also right about my ex. He’s very toxic to be around. After I figure this out, I’m not talking to him anymore. Only talking to him now because he promised if I was for some reason pregnant, he’d help pay for termination.


My parents are traumatized by me quitting this government job. My mom finally blew up at me and said i embarrass her in front of her friends. And my dad just started shouting random noises into my room just to “make my life worse.” Meanwhile I am studying a ton of JavaScript in hopes of finding other means of employment. My parents no longer believe in me. They are not used to seeing me fail since I always lived up to their extremely high expectations before getting sick. I told my mom I talked to @Imperius on here and he said he failed 5 times before making it. What is one ■■■■■■■ failed job? I will make money one day. Maybe not a lot, just enough to move out with friends, but I am mad they gave up on me so easily.


My phone is dead and my tablet is at less than 10% charge. I should get off my lazy butt and charge them and get ready for dinner.


My butt hurts. I need better chair cushions for my room so I have a more comfy time at my desk! I was too stingy :frowning:


You could use a fluffy towel or throw pillow until you get something better.


Yeah, I might use my little decorative poptart pillow as a cushion at this point lol


The CDs came. The beginning of a lifelong collection!


I grew up right next to a graveyard. I spent a lot of time in it, I’m at peace in it. my grandmother’s buried in it. anyways I had enough time to think about it…to wonder about it. if it’s a big conspiracy how come nobody says nothing. in my next life Id like to visit my old gravestone…my ultimate freedom, my eternity


I drink 4 orange kickstarts a day. I bought a rockstar the other day and my symptoms started to return. My dad tells me, “Aren’t you tired of being sick?” Eventually, I’ll get smart enough and stop sabotaging my health, unless the damage is already done. I like feeling stimulated. I just don’t like the thoughts that come with it. I’m super sensitive.


I think my all-nighter project is failing once again. I’m on my third energy drink, it’s 5AM, and I really want to sleep.

If I go to bed now, I’ll have insane dreams, but I’ll wake up just in time for my weekly cleaning of the apartment.


Whoa. That’s a lot of sugar!


Dude, you’re an ass. Why bring that up? I wasn’t aware of tukey having been to med school, but if she was and failed at it, that would have been a terrible thing for her, having such a dream crushed by MI, so why bring it up? I know about this from firsthand experience, having done a year of med school, only to have to leave it due to my first psychotic break.


@shenzhixian once told me tauntingly that i should focus less on software design and more on my diet. Then he later denied it saying he “doesn’t swing with a fat joke”. You are an ass, @shenzhixian.


Hey, thanks. That was nice of you and that is how I did feel though I’m over it now.


So I talked to my friend today and she suggested that I disclose my mental illness to my boss. On Monday I will go tell her that I have a mental illness and am currently having problems with stamina. Would it be ok to spend no more than 2 hours a day on filing and running errands. Those are not supposed to be my main jobs anyways. My main job was supposed to be at a desk answering phones and filing paperwork.


my parents can be such douchebags, not to mention my sister. they’re supposed to be my support network as im extremely socially withdrawn, yet they ignore me and belittle my issues. i dont understand how anyone can be so callous.