🎆:one::zero:🌈 Say Anything the 10th! 🌈:one::zero:🎆


Hey there @goldenrex!

I don’t have anything too exciting to report.

But I am well, thank you :blush:

I decided to keep the boots.

Just been listening to the radio.

I went to bed early last night, so I missed my creepy shows. Ha!


Oh, man!

Sorry you missed your shows.

I fell asleep early last night too, it was glorious.


Haha :slight_smile:

Yeah I think it’s the winter that makes everyone sleep more.

I might stay up late tonight.

But I’ve already had my coffee, and before 3pm too!


I know!

It gets dark at my house at like 4:30pm,

Seriously, I live in like a canyon or valley.

I could go to bed every night at 7.

At least we’re getting sleep, right?

Hope you enjoy the boots, have you worn them yet?


we’re looking into some kind of government assistance being that im diagnosed with so many things and my short attempt at holding down a job resulted in me having daily panic attacks on the job and having to lock myself inside bathroom stalls, on top of sometimes hallucinating that co workers were talking about me, but im so nervous about it…my friend is diagnosed with a lot of the same stuff as me (panic disorder, aspergers, schizophrenia) and when she went to be reviewed for it they more or less made fun of her and told her nothing was wrong other than her being suicidal. idk if she just got an ■■■■■■■ or if it was because they didnt have documentation of her diagnoses but it makes me nervous to even try


Yeah I hear ya.

It starts to get dark around here at around 5pm.

And about the boots, I love 'em!

I was a little leery of buying a pair of Doc Marten’s. Since they’re not made in England anymore.

But I’ve worn them outside a few times, and they’re so comfortable :smiley:



I’ve never had any,

But I don’t really like boots.

I mostly wear loafers or sneakers.

Still, I hear they’re actually better for walking than sneakers, so, might be worth looking into.

Good information to know…

Happy you like them so much.


I have a pair of doc marten mary janes I wear to work if I wear a dress. They’re canvas. I’ve had them for years, I had to order them from germany. I love them.


That’s really cool @anon84763962!

I had no idea that they made that type of shoe :slight_smile:

My boots are what’s called a “chukka” boot. The exact name is the Cabrillo chukka boot.


They’re cool! Mine are carnaby’s


I’m a mess physically, right when I was getting the mental sorted out some.


I had to google the carnaby’s.

Very cool too!


Thank you kind sir!


Took meds,

Tired/ might call it a early night soon

Bored and dull :expressionless:


Looking again at my cholesterol levels. They are seriously low. (Bad) Cholesterol is at the optimal level, which is the lowest point. (Good) Cholesterol are also at the lowest point but is actually a danger for heart disease. I need to get them from 36 to 60 or higher for that to be optimal and protect against heart disease. That means a lot of fish, vegetables, and nuts. Fish will mostly contain salmon and tuna. Vegetables will have to be avocados, corn oil, olive oil, onions. Nuts will be walnuts, almonds, and pistachios if I can afford those.

But I have a lot of these things already, especially onions (No that’s not signaling that this is a joke). I have fish quite often, corn and olive oil are what I cook with most. And I have nuts on occasion. Why are the good cholesterol levels so low?


I don’t know enough about cholesterol to really say anything,

It just seems like you’re a generally healthy person and I’m sorry you’re disappointed by the blood work,

It won’t be hard to get your levels right.


I’ve been working on them for over a year now. That was the only thing in my health chart that was out of wack from the 50 things they checked for. I’m not giving up.


Got to pick a lock on Skyrim. Am rubbish at picking locks


I need to play skyrim again. So I can pretend I’m gonna play it a different way and then continue to be the same thieving rogue I always am lol


You are probably eating too many carbs.