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I just woke up and I’m already “hallucinating.”

I’m watching an interview with an indigenous director called Warwick Thornton who has just made an Australian western film. It looks good. I think the film is called Sweet Country.


I’m sorry to hear you’re still hallucinating. Was there a change to your meds recently?


No, still on 12mg Invega. I’m not switching to geodon until the new year.

I hate this, I never know what to do. Do I risk going to work and have the “hallucinations” escalate, or do I go to work to distract myself from it?


Its hard to say what you should do,

Do you think you could power through it at work?


Why do you put “hallucinations” in quotation marks like that?


I’m going to get ready for work now and go to work and see how I go, I’ve got a lot of stuff I have to do.

@freakonaleash, I guess I use quotation marks because to me it’s real.


I got my lab results back from this morning. I can check them online. I have low HDL cholesterol (which is a bad thing) and low LDL cholesterol (which is a good thing). My plasma has a high Albumin/Globulin Ratio which is almost certainly from eating a lot of carbs and protein.


Is your doctor really a doctor.


I’m chickening out of work. I can’t control what I’m seeing. The neighbours house and everything inside my house is moving up and down.


I think you made the right choice.


I did an assessment of the work I have on today in my head and it’s nothing that can’t wait until next week. And my boss is very understanding of my sz, he just gives a shit) that I’m ok, not about the work. He knows I’m a good worker and I don’t take much time off normally.

I said in another thread that he cares that I’m ok at work if I’m there and ok at home if I’m here.

BTW, since our team lunch last thursday, the team has been really nice to be around, really cohesive, no gossiping and whispering etc. Much better.


I’m so nervous. My friend told me I have time to avoid a diabetes diagnosis if I stop eating unhealthy foods right now and start on a diabetes-friendly diet. I’m scared though. I’ve tried dieting before, and it’s hard.
As soon as there’s restrictions on what I can and can’t eat, food becomes a chore and it becomes incredibly hard for me to eat anything.
He did point out that if I don’t start restricting my food intake now, there’ll be even more restrictions down the road, and they won’t be optional. I don’t know what to do.


Is schiz suppose to be a big joke?

Don’t get it.


Got some good news! I am going to be getting a pig emotional support animal, I’m so excited (I’ve wanted a pig since I was little) thinking of names now. !!! :heart_eyes:


That’s awesome! Congratulations! :smiley:
What names are you considering?

… Looks like it’ll be another sleepless night for me tonight.


I’m eating too much, but I’m so hungry lately. I know I’m going to gain weight quitting smoking, like so many do.


I’m worried about having pizza tonight :frowning:


Finished JavaScript tutorial.


Interview today went ok and I got approved to take the substitute teaching course next year! Talked it over with my mom and decided it might be time to break up with my bf soon. I’m excited to start dating again once I loose more weight and get a job set up sometime next year. Who knows… I feel bad but I just want someone better. Maybe if he gets better I’ll keep him. Went around on different errands with my mom and excited for day treatment tomorrow!


May have over done it with the hike today,

My body hurts so bad…

I’d say it was worth it for the pictures but I was so out of shape and exhausted I didn’t take any.

Come on, Jenny!!

Where’s @Montezuma, how have you been today?