🎆:one::zero:🌈 Say Anything the 10th! 🌈:one::zero:🎆


I took my last Haldol today, but I really don’t feel like driving all the way to the damn pharmacy. It doesn’t make that much contribution to my med regimen, just decreases my paranoia a bit. Whatever. Maybe I’ll go pick it up in a little while, maybe tomorrow, maybe this weekend. I’ll go get it eventually.


Ugh the one day I get to relax I’m too depressed to do anything this sucks.


I’m still smoke-free, using the nicotine gum, 54 hours and counting… :persevere:

Still want a cigarette so friggin badly.


Consistent head pain sucks.


I once asked my mom when I was young why there was a long white rat with a big red nose rolled in TP at the bottom of the trash. She said she’d tell me when I was older. Am 34 now. She still hushes me when I bring it up.


OMG this is hilarious.


I believe you can absolutely be both.

As long as you’re doing what you want and getting respect, it doesn’t matter what the profession is.


I’m so bored and lonely. The forum is somewhat quiet, and my friend is not responding to my texts. Maybe I will try texting someone else. I’m not really feeling well right now. Not suicidal, but not feeling well, either.


Hey @Noise I had an email notification about an hour ago that you replied to me on this thread but when I came onto the website I had no notifications and when I went back to my emails, the email had vanished??

I’m so confused lol


:blush: Thank you!

I am starting to see it as doable and not impossible.

My symptoms can overwhelm me .

If I go I will take knitting with me and just go aside.

Still not sure I can go though.


Quiet a few profiles I have not seen active for s while.

Hope they are well.

I apologise to my x zzzz and friends I had and family etc for my with doings even though it was not me always as others steered n were in me.


Hmm … Just logged on to this site and noticed that today is my Cake Day.


My mum is s yoga teacher but she lives over seas.

I did a couple beginners yoga courses but paranoia may prevent me as well as I can not afford it.

Buuuut I did a few poses that I remembered in the bathroom (church)

I pray in bathroom and now I do a few yoga poses too.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:t5::pray:t3:

I did downward dog and tree and warrior pose I can not remember any more I did a tiny bridge too only took five minutes or so.


The other woman I see as my parent in a way because she raised me aswell etc but that does not make me love my mum any less.

I adore her always.

We have had our moments though…


The other woman used to make me make my bed and helped with homework and made dinner deals with me not making me eat all but some of dinner and then get deserts.

I adore them both.

I miss them .

And my family despite all paranoia I had about them.

My mum is really :sunglasses: cool.

Blessed she be.

I pray for their teeth.

I want them to have happy healthy mouth and teeth and both of them could need a do up there and my boyfriend too.

He has precious teeth and I want him to have a healthy mouth and tounge and teeth.


I wasn’t up much today. I woke up around 10 or 11 and now it’s 6 pm and I already want to sleep haha.


Happy cake day :cake:


Praise to my mum and parents and possibly everyone in some angle and way possibly even those that hate me.

I pray for you guys on forum as well but I am not a member of any religion just my own religion.

No eternal hell there cause that sounds like emotional person not God who is greater than such.


Thanks @stellaglow! :slight_smile:


Happy cake day Wave!!!:hibiscus::cherry_blossom::tada::bouquet::two_hearts::pray:t3:



Thank you @Zilija1! :slight_smile: