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I got a commercial on YouTube today about schizophrenia and working and doing the things they liked because they are on invega. And to ask my doctor about invega. Then I skipped the commercial because they are full of ■■■■. Just using the most marketable group of people who take invega which is not the true representation of people who are SZ or SZ and on meds. We all discuss this enough that even when we are on meds we can be really effed up.


We are not a market piece.


Wtf why do they even have commercials for prescription meds it’s like if you have the condition your doc is probably already suggesting things for you I just never understood commercials like that lol


Marketing tools. All I can think is social pressure to get you on more/their meds. Also the pharmaceutical market is becoming corrupt as a lot of opiods are being prescribed when they should not be. And it’s all legal, when it used to not be.


Lol yeah the pharm is so ■■■■■■■ corrupt my dude like tbh I know I’m paranoid and ■■■■ but it’s unsettling makes me trust some pills even less.
and don’t even get me started on opioids like tbh I wish doctors would stop prescribing so much to people cause I think the problem with the opioids is the amount doctors prescribe gets people addicted to it. And now with the “opioid crisis” people like me that need them cant get them and everyone treats me like a ■■■■■■■ addict even though nothing could be further from the truth. (Sorry it’s just frustrating didn’t mean to go off like that)


It’s alright. I know sometimes you just gotta let it out.


Did I even make sense I don’t think I made sense lol


You made perfect sense :slightly_smiling_face:


Sigh today was a big drama day where I messed up and obsessed about relationship break up and created an online profile. My boyfriend was super nice and agreed to go to my friend’s birthday party on Saturday and let me start coming over more days of the week to “practice” living together. I realized I missed him when he was gone and am not ready for someone else yet. Day treatment is going good and I’m always excited for the next day. It is really helping! I’m on the phone less and doing activities more. Too bad insurance will only pay for a month of treatment.


It’s official, the same sex marriage law has just passed in Australia! :rainbow_flag:


Ugh my car broke so now I have to use my mom’s car that has the worst a.c. ever. Also it’s 3 a.m. and I need to wake up in 4 hours again why am I like this :expressionless:


Peppa? :slightly_smiling_face: :pig:


I’m really tired just from washing my hair and changing from my pyjamas into a onesie.

My sleep was really broken last night though… I think I woke up at around 3am, then 6am, then 9am .

I’m hoping to do the ‘homework’ my nurse set me after lunch and do some more cleaning in my room.


Didn’t go to work again today. I haven’t called the office lady to call off, not sure I will, don’t feel like making a phone call right now, even though my shift starts in a few minutes.


Well, I guess I’m done working at the foundry now - pulled a no call, no show today. I couldn’t do it anymore.

I also caved and bought a pack of cigarettes. I’m not too proud of myself right now.

I’m going to have hardly any pay next week, worked only 9 hours. I texted my old/new boss, asking if I could get two days of training on days: tomorrow and Monday. That way at least I’m working somewhere tomorrow. He hasn’t responded yet.


I hate that you feel so bad,

And that work at the foundry came to this.

But you do have another job lined up, so its not like last time where you have to scramble to find something else.

A familiar job will do you a lot of good, even if it isn’t the most desirable.


Yeah, I had come to hate that job so much. I’m a little relieved to know I don’t have to go back there again. I liked most of the people I worked with, but the job itself was not for me.


Yeah, you took that job so you wouldn’t go broke while you found something else,

So, it fulfilled its purpose and now you have something else.

I wouldn’t feel too bad, you never intended to stay there.


It’s snowing here. We just have a light dusting so far…