Say Anything Q is for Quarter

I have nothing interesting to type here.


Looks like I’m the first :1st_place_medal::trophy: postaah !

Here’s a quarter moon for you.


No quarter asked, none given.


I’m in the second quarter of my life!


atm, is what i wanted to say, but there’s a 15 character limit.

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Heres drawn and quartered.


Aquote kuwait, is what I want to say.

qwipe it rather.

9th 1551551151515151515 (complete sentence)

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i get the chills everytime i listen to a song i like. its odd because i barely listen to much music nowadays

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Hey y’all, got my injection this morning, should keep away the crazy for another six weeks. I treated myself to Taco Bell afterwards, then got a few items from the grocery store. Now I’m just killing time until my phone interview.

I hope y’all are doing okay.


Yo yo, feeling depressive today. Ended up have two puffs of a cigarette last night because I was feeling stressed - I should have turned the offer down, but i had no chewing gum so i caved.

weather has been miserable as well, cold and wet. i have an assignment due on wednesday and didn’t realise. so that’s got me occupied but also procastinated.


No sleep last night. Called in sick today. I’m supposed to work a full shift tomorrow, so hoping for sleep tonight.

Actually I was sleeping better since starting taking gabapentin a week ago, but it made me more dizzy and nauseous. So yesterday I stopped it. I mean I’m not sure I would function very well at work like that.


My aunts husband has cancer. She told me today he’s not feeling good and he’s maybe going to have another operation at the end of the month. They’ve been married 40+ years. My aunt is going to be devastated when he dies.


So I passed my phone interview with the Red Cross recruiter. He set up an interview for me this Wednesday with an actual hiring manager. That will be a video interview on MS Teams. This will be my third interview on Teams since I’ve been in the job hunt these past couple months.


Costco has nice gaming and computer monitors for under $400. Maybe if I quit spending money, I can save and get a wide screen hd monitor some day haha.

I also need a new GPU some day.


I made a cup of hot chocolate. I haven’t had one in a real long time.

I didn’t do much today on account of not sleeping. Went to the post office and picked up a package. Watching a little TV. Listening to some music. Soon bedtime.


this is a dumb poll but i want a snack

should i eat
  • fruit: apple, banana
  • cereal: fruit loops or cinnamon toast with milk (whole)
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the healthy and lower calorie option would prob be fruit,
but cereal sounds good even tho its basically all empty carbs and sugar plus whole milk


That’s a good idea I might have some Trix, just cuz I am in the mood for milk and also hungry.


Good afternoon, evening and or morning to everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My mom, baby human and I went to the beach today. We didn’t stay long cause it was so sunny and hot :hot_face:

It was a good time though.

We gotta go to Walmart in a bit… got some food and other random household items I need to get.

Hope y’all’s day is going swell