Say Anything - Part 31


Oh dear god, where is @far_cry0 omg


I’m going to sleep soon folks!

Actually gonna edit that, might be triggering!


Me too. One hour till bed time. I can make it.


I finished the intro to math thinking class. Working on cs50 now.

I am reading:



Talked to my old boss today. The gas station remodeling project is done, and it is open for business again. I will be working midnights this Friday and Saturday, then starting next week I’ll work every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. It’s a crummy job, but it’s something; I desperately need this income.


Will you be able to sit down now and then at the job?

If I’m not mistaken, I recall you saying you didn’t have the best back.

Anyways, cheers!


I keep seeking out really dark movies. I want to watch them, like Unsane or the Number 23. But I know I’ll probably get terrible nightmares, and be really triggered.

Why do I do this to myself?


Yeah, hopefully there will be a chair behind the counter; I was there this afternoon, but I didn’t think to see if there was a chair.

Yeah, I have a bad back, though the Cymbalta, besides helping with my depression, has had the unexpected benefit of helping some with my chronic back pain.


That’s really cool about the Cymbalta. I never knew it could help out with chronic pain.

Well, I hope you’re able to get a chair at the new job.


How has your day been?


Overall pretty well :slight_smile: I got the 70’s version of the movie, “Invasion of the Body-snatchers” earlier today.

Also got a couple packs of smokes. We’re supposed to get snow tonight.

I got really triggered earlier by something I saw on a ‘Joe Rogan experience’ video.

I really gotta just avoid that show ha!

How about you @freakonaleash? How has your day been?


That’s cool; I’m glad you’ve had a good day.

My day has been pretty good. Besides going to the gas station I had an easy night of teaching. I just gave exams in the two lectures, and then taught a fairly easy lab. Giving exams is boring as hell, but very easy.

Now I plan on staying up late tonight so I can sleep late tomorrow. Gotta shift my sleep so I can sleep during the day on Friday, in preparation for Friday’s midnight shift.


Very cool. I’m happy to hear you had a good night teaching.

Are you having any coffee at the moment? Or are you trying to stay up naturally?

I’ll be up late tonight too. Please feel free to PM me (If you feel like it).


No coffee right now, had some when I got home a couple hours ago.

Right now I’m finishing off a helping of leftover potato soup.

Yeah, I might PM you in a bit.


You can never win or get ahead with this illness/ these meds. I now have slight brain fog. I’m fat from meds, like really fat. I dont like my thoughts sometimes.

I drink a ton of soda to stay alert and then get anxious. Dang.


im up early just now working on my 2nd cup of coffee. been going to bed earlier at night so I’ve been waking up sooner. usually I don’t post in the mornings, in not’s really my time on the forum.


I have irrational fears before my depot. Late at night, it makes it harder to fall asleep


I found out yesterday that my dad died in 2017. He was on my birth certificate and was who I grew up thinking he was my dad…but found out later he wasn’t my bio father.

It was still a blow because he was my dad for my whole life. I am having trouble finding any information on how he died. I am calling the funeral home today.


going in for my shot. parents letting me drive there by myself. they said don’t stop and get cigarettes. im gonna do it anyhow and keep it a secret from them.