Say Anything - Part 31


Where did he get a trombone?!


School band. Aaaaaaaaaargh.



Oh my goodness!!! Poor you


I know, right? Sounds like big farts and we all laugh


Home from work, should I work in the workshop or have a nap???I have a monitor and a dvd player in the work shop so I watch films while working


Work in the wood shop. My grandfather used to do that. He actually made a rocking baby bed for my cousin when she was born.


Mines where i clean up copper and brass to sell on the scrap market


Oh I thought you said wood shop.


We did crafts.


I have not worked in the workshop since last winter, so been putting stuff in there all summer for jobs to do in the winter, need a lot of attention



Going tomorrow to see if I can get my dl reinstated.


im tired but dont think i can sleep.
Need to do stuff that i had planned for the day first…


I need to do some laundry but my husband just laid down for a nap in my room where the washer and dryer are. Good grief. I hate having a house so small for our big family. I really miss our old place.


I felt so dead tired waking up just now after 12 hours of bed. I hate my sleep disorder. It is more debilitating to me than my psychotic mood illness. I just want my sleep treated already but have to wait another 2-3 months assuming my insurance even wants to approve it.

Some have it worse Yes, but my life still sucks quite considerably


bad weather for jogging today

Might take it real slow and bundle up, hope for the best


younger bro will visit this weekend, s’gonna be great


Holy crap, man. That’s below freezing. Be careful if you go out on the road


mom says she’s going to start cooking all the time when she gets her new kitchen. too bad for me, i’ll be living on my own then, but dad should be happy.

actually I won’t use the oven at all, except for a frozen pizza here or there. my diet is mostly smoothies, salads, canned goods. I don’t have to cook at all, saute some butter is all. I will need to get a new ninja bullet for my smoothies

going to get some smokes tomorrow when I get my shot. a pack lasts me 3 days, it’s an enjoyable 3 days and then it’s over.


I sometimes entertain the idea of getting a blender to make my own vegetable juice.