Say Anything - Part 31



I left a message with the therapist yesterday. I had seen her a couple of times when I was having issues with my daughter last year, but then we missed an appointment and didn’t pay the missed appointment fee for a long time. I really hope she’ll still be willing to see me. There aren’t a lot of groups in my area to go to.


I ate, but now my tummy hurts.
I want to throw up, but I won’t. Probably.

My pdoc suggested I might be doing bad because I don’t eat regularly, but when I eat, I feel worse. How does that make sense?


It might have something to do with what you are eating


Hi y’all. It’s chilly this morning here in Minnesota. But I’m gonna walk to the library anyways even if I have to smear vasoline over my face. JK. It’s not that cold.


So am eating grapes. They are nice. Bought some frozen mango and pineapple too.


My landlords son was able to get 2 of the burners on the stove working but I can’t get them to light.


I know white bread and pasta isn’t healthy, but when I try to eat brown bread I gag.


having my 2nd cup of coffee. woke up at 9 this morning.

I told my mom i’d sign up for classes today…we will see about that. maybe I will just get my fafsa done, that’s enough for one day


Do you like seeded bread? You can get white, seeded bread I think. That might be more healthy?


Maybe. I could at least try


Have you settled on your courses yet @Boogaloo ? It was horticulture or viticulture or one of those things right?



yeah good memory. that’s what I wanted to study, after talking to my mom she convinced me to get a business degree and encouraged me to study horticulture on my own. im less than enthusiastic about business, but maybe it will help me learn how to turn the homestead into a profitable venture. I have a feeling it’s basically going to prepare me for a side career managing a restaurant. until I have enough money to focus on my businesses fulltime.

the viticulture will be another self study, im going to have about 50 grape vines on the property and would eventually like to produce a hobby wine.


I’m so lonely I could cry.


I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so crummy, @Nova.

I get that way sometimes, too.


Thank you.
I’m sure it’ll pass, but right now, it sucks.


o no…my favorite hat is gone. long story short. I left it at my sisters, my sister gave it to her daughter, my niece to give to my mom at the high school…my niece is in high school and my mom swims there in the mornings. my mom left it in the girls locker room…she’s so forgetful. now my favorite is gone.


I can hear crickets neat


How are you feeling this morning, @roxanna?


I. Alright eating breakfast. Just took my hdol cogentin.

How are you😊 I’m going tosee. How the day goes