Say Anything - Part 31


I went and voted today at my old elementary school. I went there from 1975 to 1980 so it had been over 40 years almost.

Brought back some memories


haven’t seen any news yet today went to my nephews bball games. might as well wait til tomorrow to get the election results. was looking forward to the news cycle after elections.


I’m keeping track of election results for my state, and I’m not too happy with the way the governor’s race is going. The guy I don’t want to win has a slight lead, though only 11% of precincts have reported as of now. Idk, I guess it doesn’t matter all that much, but I really dislike the guy.


I’m also keeping track of election results. It might be just my perspective, but things don’t seem to be looking too great overall.


Otherwise, how is your night going, @Montezuma?


Oh, it’s going pretty well :slight_smile: I got 4 out of 5 movies I ordered earlier.

And I had Taco Bell for dinner!

I was reading this memoir by Mark Vonnegut last night, the son of Kurt Vonnegut.

Thank you for asking. How’s your night going @freakonaleash?


Oh, it’s going well. I had a tasty dinner, now I’m just hanging out on the forum, occasionally checking those election results and jamming some good tunes. I love Taco Bell!


Haha, yeah Taco Bell rules. I got the 5 dollar, chalupa box. :smile:

Happy to hear you also ate well. So the potato soup turned out well?

How was teaching tonight?


Yep, turned out great!

I didn’t teach tonight; I teach Mondays and Wednesdays.


Don’t worry happy happy joy joy😊


Lol I loved that Ren and Stimpy episode, that song is hilarious!


Pretty nostalgic for kids in the eighties


Oh the one with the happy helmet? That show was my childhood.


My favorite episode is the one in which Ren was the president of the Stimpy fan club. :rofl:


Ren and Stimpy…oh joy. Haha.

On another note I’ve decided to improve my penmanship which is something I’ve always been meaning to do so I found this app on Google play called lazyDog that will help me. Being a poet I should have stellar penmanship but I need to work on it a bit.

I love the convenience of just tapping a screen but I come from a family of letter writers so time to ascend to my high hereditary office.



Hello @TheStrange.
I’m doing very well, thanks for asking. :sunglasses:
Hope you are doing well too!


Ugh, 5 am and I’m wide awake. I’ll sit up for a little while, then try getting back to sleep. I’ve gotten only about four hours of sleep so far.


I’m awake, but barely. Feel like a zombie, and my thoughts are racing.


Good morning friends :star_struck:

Gym time


Pdoc advised me to eat at least twice a day. I don’t have any foods I want, but I don’t want to go to the store and buy unhealthy foods in fear someone will judge me for it.