😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


Taking my haldol in an hour or so. Gloomy outside which I enjoy. How’d y’all’s morning been.


Good morning, @roxanna. My morning has been fine, though I’ve been up for only half an hour. How are you feeling this morning?


I’m alright. So you’re still having sleep issues? I had insomnia before. Feels like the twilight zone


Oh no, I slept okay last night. I woke up a lot, but that’s normal for me.


People upstairs called me lazy and the guy said not right now which means he’s going to hurt me


Good morning @roxanna. My morning is going okay, I’m getting a new movie today. I’m kinda getting back into movie collecting.


I feel like such a waste of space today. The ex I’m living with is being incredibly hostile and acting like an absolute jerk. I know he has a right to be mad but lashing out like he is isn’t helping anything at all. I literally just started crying uncontrollably because he scared the ■■■■ out of me because he slammed his hands violently on his desk and said “■■■■ you” at me.

For context, he’s mad because I had started talking to that toxic ex from FL again because my dumbass mentally ill brain thought maybe he’d changed or would try if I just begged hard enough and proved I’m worth changing for. I finally worked up the courage to cut him off, and I get rewarded with a nude I had sent him during the time we were talking sent to the ex I’m living with. So now the ex hates me doubly so because he refuses to understand what was going on in my head. I’m not trying to excuse what I had done. I sat up until and explained to him what I was thinking and feeling because he asked questions.

I understand being mad, but this is exactly why I was hiding it from him before. :frowning: I feel terrified to exist here but I have nowhere else to go if I want to manage to work on my classes.


Hope thing get better for you, life can be complicated at times. I have a bad habit of going for the toxic type, thats why I quit dating


Yeah, I’ve decided I’m going to hold off on dating at least until I get stable in treatment if not forever if needed.


best to date at some point, being single can be hard on a person


I received my Abilify shot, talked to some people there about patient assistance programs for meds and getting services for free, and now I’m brewing a cup of coffee.

Once I’m done with my coffee I’ll make something for lunch, then shower, then head to campus. Not feeling the greatest today.


Morning. that sounds good . I’m going to crochet today. It actually got cooler in Texas. :blush:


I have an appetite this morning. usually I don’t get hungry until 2 or 3pm. maybe because it’s the end of the month and I go for another shot tomorrow. I always feel best at the end of the month


I don’t feel well. Friend called and asked if I wanted to have dinner at his place, but when I said no, he hung up.
I sent him a text saying I hoped he didn’t take it personal, and that I just can’t manage seeing people at the moment.
I also told him my voices won’t let me eat anyways, but that I don’t want to go to the psych ward because they only take in suicidal people. I’m not suicidal atm.

No reply yet.

I hate getting the silent treatment.


sorry you have such rude friends, not really the way people act in general


I’m really not feeling well in the head right now, feeling overwhelmed. I don’t want to go teach, but I have to; I can’t afford to call off, would lose too much money.


I’m sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks @Montezuma, I hope so, too. Everything is just too much right now.


I am eating lunch early and about to tune in to a webinar on interview prep before getting my fangs cleaned at the VA.


Why is it any concern of the person you are living with whether or not you talk to your ex boyfriend? I think you need to untangle yourself from both of these people. They both sound like abusive assholes.