😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


I’d say next week’s lab exam is about ready to go now, as well. This one, the second lab exam, is the most difficult of the four lab exams I give. I once made a student cry with this one. I will say, though, that in eight years of teaching at the college I have made only three students cry with my exams.

So, now I’ve accomplished two things today. :slightly_smiling_face:


In BPD, it can trigger those kinds of states, though. I read up on it before when I was trying to figure out what was up with me. It can cause transient psychotic states, particularly in patients with traumatic childhoods. Although I hear the nonsense hallucinations often, they really only come on during stressful times and I only seem to get super duper paranoid when I’m extremely stressed out. He also brought up the exact diagnostic guidelines for me to read off the symptoms just to clarify for me that I expressed a lot of the same symptoms. It could very well be a comorbid issue, though.

We’ll see, though. I picked up my new meds. If this helps, I’ll be grateful.


Women are overwhelmingly more likely to be diagnosed with BPD when presenting with the same symptoms as men, who are more likely to be diagnosed with SZ and PTSD.


Yeah, I do know that for sure, although I DO experience some of the more unique BPD symptoms like splitting and extreme fears of abandonment to the point that I keep toxic people around just because I don’t want them gone even though I know they’re better off being out of my life. I’ve also been prone to creating chaotic situations just because I’m bored. Like I said, we’ll see. If it helps to do my treatment this way, I don’t really mind.


Sorry, I just want to scroll down all the pages


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I didn’t eat lunch so I could have a candy bar after our walk tonight. It was delicious and totally worth it. We’re having salads and chicken breast for dinner. I have a new poppyseed dressing. I hope I like it.


We barbecued fajitas tonight. I made guacamole to go with it, and it was great. Yum! Now I need to go for a walk to burn off some of those calories. Still, it was worth it!


I’m in bed now. I’m so damn lazy that instead of putting the recently-laundered fitted sheet on I’m just lying on a bare mattress. Oh well, I’m tired; maybe tomorrow I will put the sheet on.


Meow. Bark. Chirp. Rawr. Hiss. Wiggle wiggle or what ever a rabbit sounds like.


I sleep on a bare mattress. :+1:


MY bed got wet from a roof leak, everything is fixed now and dry, after a week on the couch its back in the bed tonight


On week 5 of my course–the last week. Learning some graph theory stuff.

Next, I might try programming again, reviewing calculus, and learning Spanish on Duolingo. I took 1 semester of college Spanish like 9 years ago. Seems easier and more relevant than German. I like German, but it is difficult. I need to be realistic.

I recommend CS50 as I will be taking the course. It is probably going to be hard but I am motivated.


My flight landed a couple of hours ago, made the trip for seven days to California from here. Great trip but I’m all wound up as if it’s three hours earlier. Gotta wind down. It was so great being around new people and places, I’ve lived in the same area my whole life and have been to every shopping center for miles around me.


trying to make sense of twitter, maybe i need friends for it to not seem like a bunch of random disparate chaotic nonsense.


I hate it how the psych ward is suggested by my friend once I’m not well enough to wanna hang out.
I’m not suicidal, I’m tense, hungry and sleep-deprived


Today is sadness day for me :frowning_face:


Awww. Did something specific happen? Or is it just sadness from out of nowhere?

I hope you feel better soon @Typo. :v:


Hi @Montezuma Thanks for asking :slight_smile: It’s about money, i can’t give much details

Thank you again :slight_smile:


I’m up early for a change, having my coffee.

I’m getting my Abilify shot in a couple hours.