😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


Yeah, there’s a university not too far from me that has a dental school. I should look into it.


How are you feeling today, @goldenrex?


I’m feeling burnt out today. I’m so sick if dealing with so much. I just want something to be simple.


I’m doing okay,

Feeling a little weird and caring for my mother in law.

She needs so much help and seems to have no interest in getting better,

Its depressing.

She’s relatively young and just seems to be giving up.

That aside,

I’m pretty good.

What are you doing on your day off?


Yeah, that’s sad about your mother-in-law.

I plan on doing very little today. I should look/apply for jobs online, usually I look on Indeed. I might work on the exam that I’m giving on Monday.

I’m not going anywhere today, though, screw that. I drive enough.

Tomorrow morning I get my Abilify shot.


Did Abilify ever cause you weight gain?


No, I haven’t experienced weight gain from it. My weight is actually down a little recently.


I think Wellbutrin helps because yesterday I started Abilify and my appetite was through the roof, and I skipped my Wellbutrin. This morning I took both and I don’t have much an appetite right now.


Just in a depression. I cut my support worker short today. I’m in no mood. Went to the gas station but that’s it.


Just wanted to say things are getting better with the puppy. Now that she is more trained and doesn’t have to go out as often my relationship with her is improving and I feel I am finally starting to bond with her. But dang if post-puppy depression exists I had it!! Yeesh!!


That is a great idea, @skims! Thank you for the suggestion!!!


I’m soaked from working outside everything wet from wet melting snow, those heavy flakes. getting out of these wet clothes


Just got in from cutting grass. My parents have a crazy big yard. Takes five hours to do the whole thing, front and back. But at least it’s done now.


Sounds like more fun than here in the snow


Yeah we don’t get a lot of snow in South Carolina. I’m visiting my brother in Michigan next month. Hoping the snow hasn’t started when i go up there.


Well, I think the lecture exam I’m giving Monday is ready to go. I made just a few minor changes to the exam from last semester. It’s a bit shorter than my other exams, only 55 questions whereas most of my lecture exams have more than 70 questions, but whatever. I thought about lengthening it, but whatever, ■■■■ it, I’m feeling lazy lol.

So I got at least one thing done today.


I got diagnosed with BPD by the psychiatrist on campus. He thinks it was never SZ in the first place and that the hallucinations and delusions I get have probably been just a reaction to the high amounts of stress I’ve been experiencing.


You can ask them to use the adolescent tools on you. I have to do that because I have very small ladyparts.


Stress doesn’t cause hallucinations and delusions. I would be skeptical of this doctor if I were you.


I had my acupuncture appointment today. I always feel so relaxed and peaceful after a session. And I always sleep great that night, so I’m looking forward to a night of full sleep. He was able to ease some of the pain. I have ortho tomorrow, possibly for imaging scans of my joints.