😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


Hi everyone. I slept in most of this rainy day though probably because of being in a moderate depression. I’m still gonna make my ham and eggs with dill weed later. Just later after the library.


I just finished reading Nash’s Biography. It was long. I learned a lot. I don’t regret it.


Just read an article where the writer is telling people that schizoaffective is just bipolar with psychosis. What a great way to misinform people.


Framed in my front door today, it now closes properly and sealed up so no drafts, ready for winter, My old neighbor from where I used to live came over and helped me, then we ordered Pizza and watched the green lantern movie. Was a good day


@Mountainman Have you seen Deadpool? I loved both of them. They are violent (may be a trigger), but I liked them all the same. Ryan Reynolds is great.


Don’t think I have seen deadpool, will see if its on netflix


Just got back home from getting frozen yogurt and going to a nearby hippie store. Got two (de)composition notebooks which I’m literally using for writing down notes about decomposition; the other I’m using for general stuff. Also got a Zum Bar soap!


Cutting my hair off has really made bathing a lot less daunting. I’ve easily doubled the number of baths I take every week since cutting my hair. It feels nice to not worry about if I smell or not.


two cigarettes, a bowl of chili, and some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream made me forget my troubles.

I probably had it coming to me for skipping so many functions and cutting off contact with all my former friends these past years. now it happened to me.


@Skims, I went off oral Abilify, 15 mg, when it went generic in 2015 and my psychiatrist could no longer get it for me for free. I had no insurance.

I was off all APs for a year. I started having some troubles in 2016 and got put on Zyprexa. I couldn’t tolerate it and I got put on Aristada depot (slightly different form of aripiprazole).

I asked to try Abilify Maintena to see if there was a difference. For me there was no difference between that and Aristada, so I just stayed on Abilify Maintena. It works well for me, about as well as the pills did.


I used to eat alot more and be very obese, but I lost 100lbs and now I count my calories everday. Its hard work but its nice to have a goal and stuff.


Watching the Saints game. Drew Brees is now the leader in passing yards. NFL record.


So I texted my old pharmacy boss today, asking him if he would have any hours available for me. I told him even if it is just working weekends I would take it. I haven’t heard back yet.


Made a super decent dinner without any recipes,

I’m feeling pretty proud.

Still adjusting to having my mother in law here and caring for her,

But its not been bad.

Took my sleepy pills and will probably headed off to bed soon.


Sleep well, @goldenrex! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, homie,

I think I will.

Hope your old pharmacy boss gets back to you with some good news.


I got my allergy test off today, but I’m not allowed to shower for two more days, so they can get a second reading. It isn’t itchy anymore.


So the eggs with dill wasn’t what I had in mind so maybe I didn’t cook those sunny side ups long enough though they weren’t runny or anything. Hmm.


I like the yolks to be runny so I can dip buttered toast in them.


I just got into bed, hopefully soon I’ll be asleep.