😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


2 mg is not a therapeutic dose for psychosis. That dosage is for boosting the effects of an antidepressant, but you can see what your doctor says.


I’m very sensitive to APs and been on low dose rexulti before and was so lazy… so I think I just need a tiny bit.



Ugh, I’ve so been there! Blame Aristotle for inventing words math.


Pet peeve: when people read the first sentence of a post then reply without reading the rest


What caused the change from oral abilify to depot? Is there a difference that you feel? I’m thinking about the depot so I don’t have to keep taking pills. 20mg of Abilify is doing wonderfully for me.


I read it all…


The ridiculous thing is our prof told us it was provable because she mis-copied it down, so I spent 5 hours on it because she miswrote it herself and told us incorrectly that there was a proof there when there wasn’t.


im pathetic. I did the dishes in exchange for an extra pod of coffee from the folks. coffee is the best thing in my life during this year of sobriety. im pathetic


What did you do to get banned?


I told the delivery driver he was whiny and to loose weight. He complained about a branch hitting him in the face and was really rude and said just take your food.

I told him I’m a delivery driver and was going to tip you good, but your whiny. Then he said take care of your yard! And I said loose weight! :joy:


Wow. That was really rude and mean of you.


I don’t think so. I work in that field and I can’t stand the whiny over weight drivers that complain about everything.


I had to do mine twice as well


It’s not so much that he was over weight but how whiny he was… it’s like omg, maybe you should be a trucker so you can just sit on your ass all day.


You made fun of someone’s weight. That’s never acceptable. You deserve to be banned.


He made fun of my yard. It wasn’t make fun of it, was suggesting he take care of his weight as he said I should take care of my yard :no_good_man:

I think controlling your weight is like smoking, it’s still bad for your body so the so called “fat shaming” thing is strange to me. I’ve been fat, been skinny and been fat. I think it’s important for health to be not fat. That’s all.:broccoli:


But sometimes, people can’t just not be fat. Losing weight requires a lot of effort and life changes for some people, and they might not be able to do it, for various reasons.

He complained about your yard, which I would do too if I got hit in the face with branches, and you got personal by irrelevantly telling him to lose weight.


Sorry, @SammyP, but I’m with @LED and @Nova on this one. I don’t think it’s acceptable behavior to pick on someone’s appearance. People are generally aware of their flaws and don’t need them pointed out. There is no reason to make someone feel bad about themselves. Telling you to take care of your yard is nothing compared to telling him that he’s overweight. And of course it’s important for your health not to be fat, but as so many people on this site can attest, sometimes there are influences beyond your control that cause weight gain: for example, medication or hypothyroidism.


I agree. I’m an awful person and do apologize to the forum.

He just pissed me off so bad!