😺 Say Anything -- Part 29


Hahaha! :grin:

No, I got the oldies station on. I’m taking a break from late night, talk radio.

It’s entertaining stuff for sure, but it can be junk food to the brain. :wink:


And your on Wellbutrin. That’s impressive


Yeah, I’ve been tried on a lot of psych meds over the past 18 years, and the cocktail I’m on now works pretty well for me.


I’m playing CDs on my little stereo. The volume is turned down fairly low, but I can still hear it softly in my bedroom.


I’m a whiny skunk. My covers were down and a moth just landed on my back. Made me Yelp in Surprise. I may never recover…well I did cover up. I’m gonna put on some light repellent.


OMG that driver just texted me that I’m band from that store. I don’t even care that pizza was gross that’s the only time I’ve ever ordered from there…


Very cool. What bands are ya listening to?


Right now it’s a band called I Prevail. It’s a three-CD carousel, and I also have in there the new Blue Felix I bought at their concert a week ago, as well as the new A Perfect Circle.


You like dark music.


I told him i don’t care and I’m writing to papa john about how awful of a delivery driver he is.
He just texted me to “right away soy boy”

What the f*ck does that mean… he means write away.


Since 4 days ago i started to write on a notebook my main events of the day. It motivates me to do something instead of nothing all day long. So writing down things that happened in a day helps me :slight_smile:


old neighbor is coming over to help fix my door at noon, I need to clean up the place and I just got up :frowning: not even dressed yet, so cleaning in the nude it is :blush: :scream::joy:


So I just had my sleep study and although the nurse couldn’t say much , he said at most i have mild sleep apnea. It’s a little disappointing, on one hand I’m glad I most likely don’t have brain damage. But on the other hand I don’t know how else to explain my consistent sleepiness :confused: if I’m not diagnosed sleep apnea I may be diagnosed hypersomnia, and the treatment for that definitely doesn’t make it much easier to wake up in the morning (which has been one of my problems). Plus I heard sexual dysfunction is often treated by treating sleep apnea, which I will likely be unable to alleviate with this new news :frowning: either way, I suppose I’ll have to wait to know for sure on my appointment with the doctor


I have to redo my sleep test, I never slept long enough :frowning:


That sucks too. I hope you sleep better for your next visit. I didn’t sleep too much myself but the nurse said it was enough. I hope you get answers soon


I spent a whole 5 plus hours being stuck on a single proof problem in my symbolic logic homework this weekend that I was finding impossible to solve. Just went to my prof’s office, and she confirmed with me that it’s invalid and thus no proof can be formed for it. I feel both relieved that I wasn’t missing anything and yet annoyed that I wasted 5 hours on it.


I’m not sure if i’m doing this right or not. But write anything? okay…Ive been going to church faithfully for the past few months now. And a couple of months ago i couldn’t do it anymore. Social withdraw hit me like a ton of bricks socializing and people around people…wearing the mask ya know. It started to feel painful. So i stopped going and turned my phone off and was avoiding friends and family when people was calling me to check on me.

It’s been maybe like a month or since going but i went back yesterday for sunday. I sat in the dining hall rocking back and forth. singing and clapping and being emotional drains me completely. Getting ready drains me. but im going to start going back and even more reason to go because i got rid of all my atheist friends.

I believe birds of a feather flock together. So i want to be around them but they just don’t help much. They don’t see anything wrong with me. They see me not smiling unknowing because of flat affect and they say just smile. just do it approach.


Damn, just woke up, slept late, but then I didn’t get to sleep at a decent time last night.

Oh well, I’m up now, having my coffee, don’t really need to get out the door for a couple hours.


Guess @ish is gone, hope she is ok


I’m going to talk to my doc about ability today. Probably just 2mg to start