Say anything>>> part 2

Yep. When I had more money, I had a lot. Now I sell what I have to get new ones

Collecting things is fun.

I collect clutter and dust.

I have cats so I collect hair as well

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my mum had a large doll dressed in a pink victorian attire with dress and bonnet, long curly blonde locks too :slight_smile: she also had a 3 ft teddy bear that my dad won in a raffle,

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I often wonder in thought why I have a dry scalp.
doctor surgery waiting rooms are weird.
my sister is nice why the hell did she move away.
I don’t want to see my therapist tomorrow.

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My sister used to sew entire dolls from scratch.

That’s so nice. I would love to learn to sew…I’m tired of paying an arm and a leg for clothes

You’re telling me. I just bought 6 new shirts. They are just regular, short sleeve button down striped shirts. Nothing special about them.One of them cost $60.00!
$60.00 for one lousy shirt! The price of groceries and clothes are going to send the middle class to the poorhouse.

Is man one of God’s blunders, or is God one of man’s blunders?

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It was an OK day. I started out listening to the birds. Then the traffic. Ended up in my room hidden by some boxes.

There’s a whole art of sewing dolls. You might want to check out the library. If only for inspiration.

My problem is that I have tailored preferences with a paupers abilities

What do you mean by tailored preferences? I’m not good at understanding even simple abstractions.

I like expensive things. :wink:

It’s kind of bad that I am back into dolls. When I got sick, I donated almost everything I owned except my dolls and bit of clothes. The reason being that all that stuff made me sick, reeked of greed and who knows what else. Now my mentail position is changing to want them again and I feel incredibly guilty about it. Like I’ve backslid

Handmade dolls can be both expensive to make and expensive to buy/sell. For example the materials you use…And they aren’t necessarily the dolls grandma made or that a child would play with.

Both are true…

now back to painting my house :man_with_turban:

I got two nice, knit pull over shirts for fifty cents at the thrift store next to our clubhouse. They were too small, so I gave them to another guy. Next time I’ll know what size to buy.