Say Anything Once (11)

Awww poor Waylan. He loves his Daddy. :blush:


Its all personality disorders, not nothing else. Thats the bottom line I think. And, the bad treatment given to people with those or with dx. Given, some pds can get severe. Sometimes i wonder how i would have much better outcome if treated for pd, which i never was.

Feck fack fock fick

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I have frequent and intense sexual fantasies about Black women.

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Black women are a special kind of sexy,

I don’t blame you.


Haha!! High five amiga. :blush:

Thankfully I live in a city with a lot of Black women. And a lot of them dig white dudes. :wink:


Go for it!

You’re a good looking guy with a lot to offer,

They’ll love you.


Awww shucks! :blush:

Thank you @anon54386108 !


I’m heating up the oven for dinner then I’m gonna play some Xbox with my little brother :open_mouth:


Yeah absolutely… I’m re wiring myself to do things without smoking cannabis or something.

Dear friend of mine in Miami smokes a lot and thinking of not getting too close to her till she eases down a bit with pot… she’s cool but not sure if being around the drug is worth it😶

Finding the right job to support our selves and a place to live seems tough, but i know that perseverance and consistency is key

Life is parallel to hell sometimes but gotta keep it maintained


I’m in class and it’s really boring. Bleh.


I had a friend of a friend drop by today, and change my tractor over from snow plow to grass cutter.

He won’t accept money, so I went to the butcher to get him a couple of really nice steaks for him and the wife. Of course, it’s a small town and the butcher was completely out of steaks LOL. I didn’t realize this ever happened. So I bought him a variety of sausages… I’m going to still have to buy him the steaks, I feel like a dick not paying him


Good evening everyone, anyone out there tonight?


Hey I’m online!

How are you feeling tonight?

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Not to shabby, just enjoying alone time, how bout u?

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Today just seems like a good day to die. I just want to stop living

I feel like that sometimes. But you might as well try to enjoy what you can while your alive. We all die soon enough. No need to rush it. Just wishing you were dead does nothing. You will keep on living. Might as well try to make the best of it.

I know that but honestly I can’t go to the hospital because it will ruin my life and career.

I’m depressed but no one is going to help me

There is no hope

I hear you but if your career and current life are making you miserable and you can’t get out of it what is the point of preserving them? Maybe your career is too much for you. I would have a hard time working since sz. Congrats on keeping it together thus far.

What do you guys think about this piece?

A guy in town made it. I’ts only 5 years old.

It’s all solids; oak

It’s very nostalgic for me because of the style of the piece. But it’s only deep enough for a flat panel tv.

It has the best of the 90’s and today

I love it

I’m getting it today.