Say Anything O is for Oreos

Hey I just found this picture in my book… this is us!


So I’m sitting at the back of the bus and there’s this little maybe 6 year old sitting across the other side.

Then he came and sat right next to me.

So cute!


awe thats so cute. You must have good vibes!


It doesn’t happen often haha… But still it feels so nice when it does…


Hi folks.

Been up for a while. In about two hours I’ll be leaving to help my dad clean a cabin.

Took a med with a Coca-Cola.

Slept pretty good and feeling great so no symptoms to report.

Had a weird dream that people were making fun of me. :joy: But what can you do.

Saw Charles. Litter box will need a scoop when I get back.

Banjo later today.

Hope y’all are well.



Good morning everyone✨


up for another day, another week is here, 2 days til road trip, today i have to go pick up some statins from the pharmacy, and also do laundry and pack.


so my niece has a soccer game while we will be visiting, apparently she’s like brandi chastain or something, 5 goals in her first 2 games haha. my sister was good at soccer in high school.


Just came here to say that I wasn’t chosen for the sales job, yayyy


Before there was double stuffed oreos I use to twist off the cookie part of two oreos, then put the other parts together and make my own double stuffed oreos.

I love oreos and smarties in my Blizzards from Dairy Queen. The best!!!


O is for OreoPiggys :pig::cookie: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Was it the movie Them, with the wrestler who could see aliens with the sunglasses? Has anybody had experiences like that? Edit, nope it was called They Live.I guess funny thing is many delusions people have similar movies.


Don’t worry about it. When i was looking for a job I applied to a bunch of places and got ignored by most of them. Only landed a few interviews, and finally a job. it took me months from the time I started searching until the time I got a job.


Oreos, eh?? They’re tasty, but I haven’t had an Oreo in years. :open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

I woke up a little while ago. I feel alright. I slept for 10 hours!!

Last night, I kept hallucinating different scary sounds that kept waking me up, right when I was drifting into sleep. Spooky!

I am going to take my morning meds and make coffee. :coffee:


went and picked up my prescription, so can start taking statins again. i got half way there and realized i didn’t have a mask and turned around and came back to get a mask haha, im used to not having it anymore, but the clinic still requires them.

now i have to do some laundry and that is it for the day, probably have 3 or 4 loads to get done today, im going to pack enough for a week and then just wear the same thing twice.

my niece leaves for the airport in 3 hours back to phoenix, sounds like she is going to be signing on an apartment in charlotte, north carolina in a couple weeks though, so she will be back in a couple weeks to get her stuff she’s storing in dad’s garage.


Little LED had to get a TON of blood work this morning. 9 tubes. :grimacing: I felt so bad. They’re worried she might have something neurological going on. I might have also passed on my connective tissue disorder to her because it’s genetic, but I didn’t get diagnosed until after she was born. :-1:

Anyways, so we’re in the McDonald’s parking lot hanging out listening to A Perfect Circle and eating lunch.


You will find another job it’s just a numbers game and timing.

Kinda like dating :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


crammed as many clothes in suitcase as i could, now just have to wash them all. tomorrow i need to get some bank statements, and put some paperwork in the mail before i leave. thats it.

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Good morning everyone. Yesterday my best friend gave me a call. It’s been awhile since we hung out because he lives about 400 miles away. It was nice to catch up. He’s been my friend since we were in kindergarten.


That’s neato!! My best friend and I have been friends since 2nd grade, about 7 years old. :grinning: We both ended up with schizoaffective bipolar type!! What are the odds?? :open_mouth: